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Modern Office Phones *Wall and Table*

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Uploaded: 28th Aug 2006 at 2:29 PM
Updated: 19th Mar 2009 at 12:08 PM by -Maylin-
Hey everyone,

It has been a little while since i posted something, mainly because (as some of you know) i am working on my first hacked object, a working sword that can kill a sim . Anyway i made the meshes and textures my self, i was going to use real images for the texture but i couldn't find any that matched. One important thing, there is 3 files in the rar file, one is the table phone, one is the wall phone and one is the handset, NOTE : If you remove the handset file it, the phones won't work properly

If some of you are wondering, no it doesn't replace the maxis handset or phone. As far as i know, it requires all 3 ep's (uni, NL, OFB), but you can try and see if it works without them.

BTW: The face counts might be a little high because i wanted as much detail as i could fit into it.

Wall Phone
F/V: 4914/4292

Table Phone
F/V: 4914/4292

F/V: 1618/1192

Pacotacoplayer, for telling me how to make the handset link to the phone

Have fun with these :D

Known Problems/ Updates:
None so far.......

Terms and Conditions:

You may not steal my meshes, i may let you use them if you ask me. If i do let you use them, please link back to the original thread.

You may not use any of the textures i make without my permission, so if you want them just ask. You may only include the mesh with my permission and make sure you link back to my original thread. :D

You may include the mesh in a lot, but please tell me first and link back to original thread.

No posting files on the exchange because when you upload it, it will show up as you making it.

No paysites, i prefer my work stays free to all who want it, so please don't take that privilledge away from people.