Campfire For Your Campers (Hacked)

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2007 at 10:47 PM
Updated: 8th Jan 2007 at 6:09 PM
Sorry for deleting my previous upload of this; It's because I forgot to add something to the download and couldn't permit any more downloads. So if you already downloaded this, please re-download
Day, after day, I've experienced hair-ripping problems with the Maxis fireplaces. Numenor, I'd like to thank you for your fireplace templates
This is a functional fireplace for your camping sims; I know a few people who have wanted one of these, so here it is! One that isn't photoshopped I'd like to thank Zookini for his camping chairs which gave me the idea in the first place! Thanks, zook.

Included in download:
ptp-campfire_HACKED 292 Misc/Party

About hack
Well, this is my next hack following my vending machine! Maxis fireplaces (as you may know), do not have the option "Roast Marshmallow" so that's what I added to this fireplace!

There is no chimeny.

Thank you Echo, for helping me with making the marshmallow Guardian BHAV work properly.

Known Issues
If you place the campfire somewhere, and you pick it up, a chimeny will be attatched to it. If you wish to move it, you must delete it and buy it again.

If you find any other problems please contact me.

Shown In Snapshots
Below are the links to objects used in the snapshots

Camping Chairs and Table by zookini

Fall Leaves by The Mod Squad

I don't know where the other objects are from.
Sims' shirt is by the awsome simifyer, fanseelamb.

Enjoy the campfire! Feel free to include it in your lots.


Note- This object is only available on residental lots. If you need a community lot version, PM me.