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Kara Thrace - "Starbuck" - Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica

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Uploaded 6th Mar 2007 at 2:14 AM

"Morning, Starbuck, what do you hear?"
"Nothin' but the rain."

Starbuck doesn't like spoilers!

Please don't post any comments that might spoil any major plot points for others who might not be all caught up! I will happily chat about BSG in PMs with you though.

I realize my temporary retirement is looking a lot more like releasing things, but... well, this is for a dear friend, and has been in the works for a long time. The timing... is intentional, but we won't go into that here.

She is accurate down to the last detail I could make her (moles and all) and she has two new custom meshes created, well, just for her: her hair mesh (which I released a while back, still perfecting the sim), and a thumb ring accessory on her left hand.

The thumb ring works for both genders, young adult, adult, and elder, is multi-wearable, and waterproof, so it's a bit more versatile for use on other sims too.

The accessory mesh is included in the rar file, separate from the sims2pack (while the hair is packed with the sims2pack, thanks to post-Pets Body Shop) so you do not need to download anything additional - all meshes and content are included!

Poly count on the thumb ring is 50 faces, 112 vertices (fracking low).

You may recolour my meshes using my textures - please don't redistribute the meshes or I'll send this badass toaster killer after you.

She includes a modified version of my Idolatry of Flesh skintone in the Light tone. The faces are the same on all the versions so if you choose to breed her, or use the skintone otherwise, the children will resemble her. The adult and elder females sport the full set of Starbuck's tattoos - the Kanji for "choice" on the back of her neck, "bona fiscalia" on her right inner forearm, the beautiful techno wings arm tat on her right upper arm, and the "space invaders" type pyramid thingie on her back. The teen female has only the Kanji and "bona fiscalia" tattoos, no tattoos on the males or kids at all.

The shirt recolour is included, sporting the double-tank, plus dogtags. The pants she's wearing are Maxis, base game. No meshes are required for her clothing at all.

Aspiration: Pleasure Seeker
Turn-Ons: Brown hair, Muscles
Turn-Offs: Servos (okay, I know there's no servos turn-off, but she really should be turned off by robots) :P

Custom Content by Me:
- Kara Thrace from BSG
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2
- Kara Hair Mesh
- HystericalParoxysm - DemusedSims - MTS2

Additional Credits:
-Starbuck-, for encouraging me to finish her, and to do her right.

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