Multi-Wearable Fedora Accessory (Both Genders - Teen to Elder)

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Uploaded 26th Mar 2007 at 1:07 AM · Updated 5th Jan 2009 at 12:59 AM by SSChan

How are all you cool cats today? Hmm? Copacetic I hope! We don't want no sad-eyed puppies in the speakeasy!

Today I bring to you all... Fedoras! Yes, finally a fedora that can be worn with almost any hairstyle (Some hairstyles may cause very minor clipping, and one or two just won't fly at all). It works for Teens through Elders for both genders. Excess ages have been removed. This accessory has it's own bin number, so you can wear it with other accessories (Maxis or Custom).

Common Comments:
There are gaps/holes when you look through the back!
I know. It's a normals thing. Frankly, I don't know how to fix it.

Why is it so big?
To accommodate the greatest amount of hairstyles possible.

It's not on straight.
I prefer my fedoras with a little additude. :3 If you want it straight, you'll have to edit the mesh yourself. kk?

Previews and Colors:
Larger Images can be Viewed Below the Main Post.

Yes, all colors are available for everyone. I just thought it would be pointless and time-consuming to take a picture of each color for each age and gender.

File Contents: The four mesh files required to use the hats. All 9 recolors (labelled for convenience). You MUST download at least one for the hat to appear in game.

Expansion Packs:
You shouldn't need any as this is a new mesh, plus it was based off of a base-game mesh.

My Policy:

-You may alter the mesh file for distribution if you recieve my permission and give me credit. All other policies still apply.
-You may re-texture (Please tell me if you do; I'd love to see it!)
-You may include the mesh with your re-texture as long as I am given credit and my read-me is a part of the download.
-You may refit to other ages with my permission
-My Creations and derivative works are to remain free at all times (This means you may not offer retextures of my mesh in paysites/sections)

Polygon Counts:
Polys: 410
Vertices: 310

Additional Credits:
Thanks go to Tiggerypum, HP, and Dr. Pixel for their fabulous tutorials!
Thank you to WesH for his Unimesh Plugin for Milkshape!
Thanks to my Fahja for giving me Christmas money to buy Mlikshape!
Thanks to Delphy for running MTS2!
Thanks to Derange for testing, and for creating Vlad (AM Model), that sexy mofo of a mafioso! Mreow!

Clothing on Models
TM: SSChan (Not Uploaded Yet)
TF: All About Style
AM: Hnote
AF: LianaSims2

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