Animation Painting-Custom Animations! **UPDATE**REDOWNLOAD

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2007 at 5:57 PM
Updated: 25th Nov 2010 at 9:21 PM by whiterider
hi hi

Today, I present the MTS2 community with a new animation painting
It has 12 animations-yes,only 12-but they are ALL custom
And ALL made by me-as a birthday gift to you, from me

It was meant to have been released on Sunday-my birthday-but my computer monitor has broken and I can only use the monitor fromm my Mum&Brothers computer for a few hours,so I thought I had best release it now-before anything else goes wrong!

Kids-Elders can use it-but kids DO float-but since so many people PhotoShop&'Green Screen' their sims 1st,I figured I'd allow kids to use it

Some anims(animations for short) have a sort of weirdness,like the right hand looks like it wants to grip(well,it DOES) and the left pinky doesnt do anything
its only because certain bones are NOT supported by Miches Animation Coverter

Its made off of the (omg I forgot) MegHairWoman painting
(you know the 1 ), is cheap-12simoleans,has an environmental rating of 6, has its own newly registered GUID-so it shouldnt conflict with anything
The picture of the woman was (badly ) hand painted by me in PhotoShop with my new found loveness of my drawing Tablet

How long did this take?
The time Ive spent on this was since the day JB1s Tutorial was uploaded-but I had been making anims in Milkshape for a week or 2 before it came out
And atleast 6hours a day at the computer working on this

You can find the Painting in Decorative.../Paintings


*Sell/Redistribute/Upload anywhere
*Claim as your own
*Include this object with Houses/things
*Ask 'WHY DUZNT ITS PINKI MOOVE??!?!?!?!111' Ive explained that above
*Request-Im really gonna say "NO!" now
*Ask me to make stuff personally for you-i have plenty of ideas of my own
*Remesh/rip apart/use code/animations-not even for your own thing

*Comment&Thank-I make my stuff for free,a simple thank you is all I ask in return
*Bug Report-even though Ive been testing everything everyday of this project
*Put BOTH files in your Downloads folder
*Enjoy this


ps-Ill put this in Finished,because to me-there isnt anything that could wreck your game-I doubt there is-Mods,If you think this is in the wrong place,feel free to move

Hope you like/love


Additional Credits:
I want to thank:::
Miche-animation converter! -

Echo- with her Making your First Custom BHAV-

JohnBrehaut1-How to make new Sim Animations-

Wes_h- for helping me in the Animation&ANIM Files forum and stuffs

Numenor-BaseGameStarterPro-Rhonda&Randy Random have been my GuineaPigs,for fixing my blindness,helping me fix this and for fixing it,thank you so much! A lot of us would be no where without you!


Milkshape team

HystericalParoxysm- new TOS

Nouk-Both hairstyles-thank you
Sideponytail available from InSim

Me-Making it,and the clothes that Patty Wan is wearing


I have FIXED the painting-it is compatible with all/any version of TS2 now!











10.Practice Pose