Glass Curve Concept

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Uploaded 13th Apr 2007 at 11:38 PM · Updated 15th Jul 2007 at 1:46 AM by CokeBuilder

Glass Curve Concept is sort of a "sequel" to my lot Curve. I hesitate to say that because I feel that it is an extremely unique and innovative house in itself. It gets its name from the large curved glass 'windows' in the front. This look took many many hours of working with boolProp, and has some very complex techniques! But the lot doesn't just look nice, it's also very playable. I play tested it, testing every object to make sure they worked right. I didn't find any problems except for a few of the diagonally placed objects. The lot is pretty huge, so you will need a good computer to run it smoothly. You can decrease lag by lowering your graphics settings in the Graphic Options panel. This lot includes:

-Kitchen and formal dining
-Living room
-Game room
-Media room
-Family room
-5 bedrooms 5.5 baths
-1 car garage
-Grill outside and dining for two

Click the thumbnails below to see enlarged interior pictures:

I really hope you enjoy this lot, I really did enjoy seeing it come together.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: §269,673

Custom Content by Me:
- Red Squares Area Rug (floor)
- Clear Glass Tiles
- Retro Blue Area Rug (floor)
- Light Maple Planks
- Green Squares Area Rug (floor)
- Irregular Black Plane tile
- Brown Squares Area Rug (floor)
- Gray Cobblestone
- Retro Window Area Rug (floor)
- Pale Burgundy
- Pale Blue Stripes
- Dark Grayish-Blue
- Earthy Green
- Burgundy Stucco
- Gray Blue with Crown Moulding and kick
- Light Wood Paneling
- Mocha Brown Stripes
- Olive Green Stucco
- Black Wood Paneling
- Mixed Tuscan Stone

Custom Content Included:
- Alienware Computer by MaxoidMonkey
- Parquet de caoba fino "Victoria sobre el suelo" by minideidad
- WetRock by Cheryl

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