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Bed Deco Set in 25 Colors plus Stripes

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Uploaded: 25th May 2007 at 6:52 AM
Updated: 23rd Aug 2007 at 4:54 PM by akatonbo
This is a set of bed deco in 25 solid colors, plus 10 additional striped recolors using some of the same colors, all designed to be mixed and matched together. The bedding will, as usual, work on any Maxis bed, while the other two items in the set are new-mesh objects from ReflexSims.

The blanket is by Jonesi and is available at the ReflexSims forum (or from other people who have recolored it, but if you go to the thread you can also see many OTHER excellent recolors linked in the comments). The link below goes directly to the thread containing the mesh, but you may have to join the forum to download it there.

The pillows are from Teko's Minore bedroom set on the main ReflexSims site. Go to page 3 of Bedrooms and scroll down to the Minore set. It's a single rar download for the whole set, and the mesh is teko_minore_cushions.package. Teko is apparently moving not only the content from his personal site but also his content from Reflexsims to TSR. As I write this, the Minore meshes are no longer available in their original location and a note below a recolor of the set says that they will be on TSR soon. Since the pillow mesh was free when I uploaded this set 3 months ago, I'm leaving the recolors here unless a mod tells me otherwise. Do not request the mesh here or PM me.

You will probably need to use 'moveobjects on' to place the blanket and pillows on the bed, but they are already set to the right height for any Maxis bed, and will also work on any custom beds that are the same height.

Just for the record, I learned how to use Object Workshop so I could make this set, pretty much. (I'm sure I won't stop here, though. I'm already planning some more complex stripes, and trying to decide which canopy I should recolor, and considering pillows for single beds.)

One of the images I've uploaded is a set of swatches for the colors I used. They do not match perfectly from object to object -- the bedding is darker because of how I did the shading -- but it's very close. All 10 striped versions use pairs of colors chosen from the 25 solid colors. Only the pillows and blanket have striped recolors; the bedding does not. The textures were created from scratch in Photoshop 5.0, though the shading on the bedding is taken from Maxis textures. In the large screenshots of the individual beds, you can see that the blankets and pillows have a heavier fabric texture than the bedding, which is made of a lighter material.


DON'T claim my work is yours (that includes uploading it with lots and not giving credit), charge people money for it, or break the rules set by the original mesh creators.

DO enjoy it in your game, and let me know if anything is wonky.