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Teen-Elder Bun with Pencils - Maxis Mesh, Binned

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Uploaded: 6th Aug 2007 at 4:44 AM

I was working on a massive t-shirt project a la Plum (yes, I'm going to upload it), and I needed a break, and for some reason the idea that came to me was, "Hey, why don't I see if I can recolor the chopsticks in the chopsticks-bun hair so they look like pencils instead?" Possibly this is because all the shirts I am making are mostly for nerds, geeks, and gamers, and knowledge Sim ladies need pencils in their hair.

It worked out well enough that I thought I'd share, so here it is: all four Maxis colors, binned with Theo's super-easy binning tool, useless ages removed, single grey version for elders. No mesh required, should work no matter what EPs/SPs you have, even with just the base game. Thumbnails below display front, back, and side view.

Feel free to recolor the hair part of this if you like the pencils; I'd like credit if you do use the pencils, but only out of politeness -- they're solid blocks of color, not great works of skilled artistry.

"Model" is pure unaltered Maxis except for the skintone (Nihilin's edit of Louis@SimCribbling's #7 skintones, my default set) and the eyes (mine, may be uploaded someday after I check permissions).


DON'T claim my work is yours (that includes uploading it with Sims and not giving credit) or charge people money for it.

DO enjoy it in your game, and let me know if anything is wonky.

Additional Credits:
Theo, for his fabulous binning tool