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Bleach Back to School Collection

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Uploaded 27th Aug 2007 at 7:36 AM · Updated 5th Sep 2008 at 10:38 PM by Izz35178

To start off a new school year, here's a collection of Karakura High School uniforms from the anime Bleach. This set is for male and female teens only, minus Ichigo's school bag which I think works for teens-elders. The majority of the set is composed of separates so you can mix and match as desired. The exceptions are the boys' winter uniforms. I included a picture guide to the file names in the .zip. On that note, sorry the group pic totally doesn't look right (they're all smiling which most characters in this series don't do for some reason), I'm terrible with taking screen caps.

Female Tops:
I made Maxis size (Rukia) and Warlokk C size (Orihime) tops in all three styles - shirts with/without bows and winter tops. Additionally, I made a Warlokk D size top like how Matsumoto wears the school uniform. It looks best with a skin tone where the cleavage is accentuated (which is most custom ones I've come across).
- Maxis mesh: bleachbowTF (w/ bow), bleachnotieTF(w/o bow), bleachwinterTF (winter)
- Warlokk C size mesh *not included*: bleachbowCTF (w/ bow) & bleachnotieCTF (w/o bow) (Warlokk Tshirt), bleachwinterCTF (the mystical one Crewneckshirtover) (winter)
- Warlokk D size mesh *not included*: bleachnotieD2TF (Warlokk Poloshirt) (Matsumoto)

Male Tops:
There are like a million different variations of the male tops, I just took the major variations. A tucked in, no tie, T-shirt underneath version like Ichigo wears. A tucked in, with tie version like Ishida wears. An untucked, no tie version like Renji wears. And an untucked, with tie version like Hitsugaya wears.
- Maxis meshes: bleachshirtTM (tuck, w/o tie), bleachtieshirtTM (tuck, w/ tie), bleachuntuck2TM (untuck, w/o tie), bleachuntuckTM (untuck, w/tie)

Female Skirts:
There are three versions of skirts - white socks like Orihime wears, black socks like Rukia wears, and a black socks w/ Rukia's red glove. I should have made one of the versions have those funky white shoes most of them wear (I think its a summer uniform thing), but I didn't so its just brown loafers for all of them.
- Animera Skirt Mesh *not included*: bleachskirtTF (black, w/ glove), bleachskirt2TF (black socks), bleachskirt3 (white socks)

Male Pants:
The boys in this series seem to have all the accessories, because there are also quite a few variations of belts, watches, wrist bands, etc. I narrowed it down to two: standard black belt, white shoes, no accessories pants, and an Ichigo style pair with his most common style of belt, wrist band in Bleach colors, and after-school shoes.
- Maxis mesh: bleachpantsTM (standard), bleachpants2TM (Ichigo)

Male Winter Uniform:
Once again narrowed down to two (sorry no Chad flowered shirt version). One version is closed up like how Ishida wears it. And the other is open like how Ichigo and just about everyone else wears it. I made the inside shirt plain so it could be worn by any character, not just Ichigo with his interesting shirts.
- Mijutaro Uniform Mesh *included*: bleachwinter2TM (open) *edit mesh added since post was deleted*
- Rence Uniform Mesh *not included*: bleachwinterTM (closed)

Ichigo's School Bag:
I found Generalzoi's school bags while I was poking around for meshes and I had to make something with them. This version of Ichigo's school bag is mostly like his winter white and red messenger bag, but I added the star w/#15 from his summer bag because it was too plain (I speculated on the color). If you look really close there's a little bottle of Urahara brand healing pills. I made up the color, but the label's right (too bad you can only see a sliver of it). For normal colored bags like Ishida and the others carry check out Fanseelamb's recolors.
- Generalzoi's Messenger Bag mesh: *not included*: bleachichigobag

Age: Teen
Gender: Male Female
Clothing Type: Everyday
Clothing Style: Modern
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Outfit Type: Top Bottom Full Outfit

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