The Little Mermaid

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Uploaded 29th Nov 2007 at 4:32 PM · Updated 23rd Sep 2010 at 10:13 AM by marie_fay : edited links

Hi there
I've started this little project before the contest was announced. I widened the range of the content when I found out about the theme...

So now I present you the The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. (This is not Ariel, as much as I love this film, I based this on the original fairytale.... And because I want to give you a quick impression of this wonderful fairytale, I created a little story with pictures... I hope they're ok... I'm really new to this...) click the thumbs for bigger versions ^^

The Fairytale:

The facts (what you get):

There are 7 colours: blue, purple, green, red, silver, gold and black
(all Ages are included for one colour- no meshes included!)
The teen mermaids share the same shell-bras with the adult version. The elder mermaids have different shells ;]
All hairs are binned...
all dresses are packed into the "regencydresses" zip... Only the seawitch is separate...
The regency suits include a teen and an adult version (you don't need a mesh for the teen pants, they're just a Maxis recolour)

Edit: The mermaids only appear in the everyday category... I didn't want to flood your game even more.... If you want to use these skins for other purposes than everyday, use insim's wardrobe adjuster or search for a hack that enables everyday clothes for other activities...

The meshes (what you need):

Bipsouille mermaid updo
SAU hair currently on page 7 of the genetics section (MYOS Female Hair 07)
XM long crown
Rose mermaid updo
New siren hair (absolutely lovely mesh!)
peggy messy
peggy longflowing
[for peggy's meshes you'll need to download the mesh from the link that is above the green >download< button]

tiara (choose language, find the page of the meshes and download: MESH_RosematATiara301005)

regency suits ( Mesh--MaleRegency-(Adult) & Mesh--MTregencyjacket-(Teen))
Seawitch dress
empiredress (meshes -> page 5 on the far right; female 21)
formal empire dress ( currently second row, left; mesh_k8parsfacempiredress092706)
Wedding gown mesh (bodymesh ID: #02470)

Mermaid Meshes:
male (young) adult, elder
teen mermaids
adult mermaids
teen merboys
elder mermaid

wow... that was a lot..... I hope you like it :]

Please let me know if something is wrong...

Custom Content by Me:
- black merboy by marie_fay
- black merchild by marie_fay
- black mergranny by marie_fay
- black mermaid by marie_fay
- black mermaid by marie_fay
- black merman by marie_fay
- black mertoddler by marie_fay
- the little mermaid seawitch by marie_fay
- golden merboy by marie_fay
- golden merchild by marie_fay
- golden mergranny by marie_fay
- golden mermaid by marie_fay
- golden mermaid by marie_fay
- golden merman by marie_fay
- golden mermaid by marie_fay
- blue merboy by marie_fay
- blue merchild by marie_fay
- blue mergranny by marie_fay
- blue mermaid by marie_fay
- blue mermaid by marie_fay
- blue merman by marie_fay
- blue mertoddler by marie_fay
- Mermaid updo/rose by marie_fay
- the little mermaid gown by marie_fay
- The little mermaid Weddinggown/marie_fay
- the little mermaid's gown by marie_fay
- the little mermaid prince by marie_fay
- the little mermaid prince by marie_fay
- the little mermaid prince by marie_fay
- the little mermaid crown by marie_fay
- Mermaid Updo by marie_fay
- brown flowing hair /marie_fay
- green merboy by marie_fay
- green merchild by marie_fay
- green mergranny by marie_fay
- green mermaid by marie_fay
- green mermaid by marie_fay
- green merman by marie_fay
- green mertoddler by marie_fay
- silver merboy by marie_fay
- silver merchild by marie_fay
- silver mergranny by marie_fay
- silver mermaid by marie_fay
- silver mermaid by marie_fay
- silver merman by marie_fay
- silver mertoddler by marie_fay
- red merboy by marie_fay
- red merchild by marie_fay
- red mergranny by marie_fay
- red mermaid by marie_fay
- red mermaid by marie_fay
- red merman by marie_fay
- red mertoddler by marie_fay
- purple merboy by marie_fay
- purple merchild by marie_fay
- purple mergranny by marie_fay
- purple mermaid by marie_fay
- purple mermaid by marie_fay
- purple merman by marie_fay
- purple mertoddler by marie_fay
- long straight blonde /peggy by marie_fay
- Curly pulled-up-do /peggy by marie_fay
- SAU wavy hair by marie_fay
- XM crown mermaid hair by marie_fay

Additional Credits:
priest hat/mitre
priest clothing
wooden floor
lots of effects
awesome terrains
the awesome rock^^
decorgals poses

additionally: deviantart
all dresses shown are either my creations, found on mts2 searching for regency or on All About Style in the regency section
Makeup: Helaene, Bruno, skintones by willstefan

and of course I want to thank amy for her input and bearing with me despite all the secrecy
AND! tony ^^ He helped me so incredibly much.... searching for pictures, rendering backgrounds, judging and on and on...

EDIT Some people pointed out that the siren mesh doesn't seem to work... that's because the file is a bit wrong.... When you've downloaded the mesh, find the meshfile amongst the recolours, it's called: MESH_takihairmesh01
or something like this.... Just click on the file, rename it to: MESH_takihairmesh01.PACKAGE
and everything should work just fine...

I started uploading the recolours of the hairs... If you'd like a particular colour, that I don't usually do, please tell me....

Tags: #fairytale, #mermaid, #anderson, #seawitch, #merfolk, #siren, #regency, #empire