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Maxis Baggy T's w/o pants (MESH & recolors)

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Uploaded: 27th Jan 2008 at 12:54 AM
Updated: 13th Sep 2008 at 1:02 AM
I really liked the Baggy T/pants combo that came with the base game, but I wanted my sims to be able to wear the shirt with whatever bottoms they chose, plus I needed some less form-fitting clothes, so for my first mesh project, I deleted the bottom half of the outfit, leaving just the shirt.

UPDATE 2/21/08: I found out from mike7366 the other day that the original mesh made the game crash if your sim was wearing it & went to get a job. So, I was getting ready to post something in the body shop meshing thread when I noticed I had a PM from exportdry, who was willing to try his hand at fixing it for me. Long story short, he had to make part of the mesh an alpha because of a glitch w/ maxis pants showing through when I changed the comment in Milkshape to top instead of body. So, not only will you have to re-download the mesh, but the recolors as well. I'm soooo sorry about this everyone.

UPDATE 2/6/08: If anyone read my last post or zoomed in really close on the neck, you noticed that there was a bit of a gap in the neck, which has now been fixed. If for some reason you re-download the mesh & the recolors show up as regular maxis shirts (which they did for me until I liked the 3DIR to the mesh again) just re-download the tops too. Let everything overwrite your old files.

Feel free to recolor, just be sure to give me credit!

Polygon Counts:
Polys/Faces: 1282 Verticies: 930

Additional Credits:

Quaxi & the SimPE team
Bobcatben for his Blender SMD Importer/Exporter & his Tutorial on how to use it

The creators of Milkshape
Wes_H for his Unimesh Plugin
Tiggerypum and HystericalParoxysm for their Unimesh tutorials
exportdry for fixing the crashing mesh! You're awesome!