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Button Boy; Living Rag Doll

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2009 at 12:24 AM

Once upon a time a young girl climbed the stairs up into the attic of an old half burnt down house. Following a long golden thread lead her to a boy. He nursed a mangled hand, his wire skeleton poking out the knuckles, canvass frayed down to the wrist. This was Button.

Ahem. Once upon a time, Alfi painted this picture, and it took forever and a half. But by the time she finished, it looked like crap to her. Except, she still liked the buttons. And the stripes.
This sim is inspired by the colors, facial structure, and feeling of that painting, in addition to my own fascination with dolls, patchwork, and pointy eyebrows.

Utilizing several CAS default replacements (I don't recall exactly which ones got used in the end) and some fancy slider work, I've managed to avoid the gremlin child look. It was important to me that Button remain cute throughout his life. This means he's also pretty genetically.

Incidentally, Button's canvass skin is detailed for all ages and both genders. Make many cute baby stitchling dolls. They're like adorable little sacks of flour. Random details that made me happy to draw include: a literal belly button, decent looking ears, and a hundred little seams. Stitchling dolls look almost like normal sims from a little ways back, they're seams are finely sewn.
Skintone based on Simcribbling's self-makeup Find it here. Face is almost entirely my own. Just left a little shading around the jaw from the original.

I have a tendency to avoid super freaked out eyes, nothing says "I'm desperate to stand out" like "his eyes were a thousand colors at once, deeper than the sea and whisper of magical mysteries. Not just any magical mysteries, but the really, really special kind, that no one else knows. Seriously, he's that special".
But I felt with all that gray and magic gold thread or whatnot, if anyone needed super shiny magical eyes in my world it was Button.
I think they're made of glass and pearl. And pixels.

His nails are hammered gold, made possible with Shadylady's lovely mesh. And they're magic too. The skin doesn't have nails underneath, just seams across the finger.

His hair is likewise laced with magical gold and crap. a recolor of the beautiful 'cherub' hair by HystericalParadoxysm. HP really is magical.

Brows are completely my own, of a yet unreleased set.

Button is packaged with a fairly simple maxis recolor of a stiped tank top and worn black shorts. I fully expect him to grow up, like sims do, so in the second package I've included the identical Adult version of the same clothes. Similarly, the second package includes striped tshirt separates for teen and adult males.
Thus, he can remain dressed throughout life.

If you have any desire to see the original painting: Here.
I kind of hope you don't. I hate the bloody thing. Dx

Included in package:
Button sim by Alfred
Button's hair, recolor by Alfred, 'cherub' hair by HystericalParadoxysm, Mesh not included
Golden nails, recolor by Alfred, Mesh by ShadyLady482, not included
Black 'Model T' pointy brows by Alfred
Button's skintone by Alfred, special thanks to Simcribbling
Button's eyes by Alfred
Button's Pjs, teen, Maxis recolor by Alfred

Also packaged separately for the aging Button:
Button's Pjs, Adult, Maxis recolor by Alfred
Button's Tshirt, teen and adult, recolor by Alfred, Mesh by ang41187 not included.

Dear fellows, please get permission before editing my work, don't repost/steal especially since much of this is just nitpicky edits of other peoples existing textures. Many thanks to HP, Simcribbling, and Maxis. You know the drill. Check profile for details. PM with questions. Dial 9 for more options.

Custom Content by Me:
- Button
- Brows "Model T+" Black
- Button Boy Irises
- Button Boy Nails
- Button Boy Doll Skin
- Button Boy Hair
- Button Boy Tank Top
- Button Boy T Shirt
- Button Boy Tank Top
- Button Boy T Shirt