"The Del Mar Mediterranean Home" Fully Furnished, No Custom

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Uploaded: 17th Jul 2008 at 2:32 AM
Updated: 10th Mar 2015 at 4:02 AM - Discoved arches are blocked

Mediterranean architecture is rich with diversity from Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Italy, Greece and early California mission. More of a neoclassic that combines many styles. Here I bring together some of these elements in "The Del Mar Mediterranean Home" by using stucco walls, arched doorways and windows; As well as some arched entry ways inside and out.

Spacious rooms, open space windows, stone works, parquet floors, marble floors, white carpet floors, columns, statues, wrought iron, pottery, mirrors. Using colors like white, beige, brown, yellow and deep shades of red are some of the elements or styles used in Mediterranean homes.

Originally this house was a three stories home, but taking the advice of the MTS2 staff I rework the floor plan. And scale down the rooms making them more proportional within scale, but yet still keeping the spacious look that is known for in Mediterranean homes. This home have been "Tested and Played" all is fine.

I Present to all of you simmers " The Del Mar Mediterranean Home" Fully Furnished. ( NightLife EP is needed )

Details: All Maxis, No Custom, Two stories, Great for family.

Kitchen and Dining area- Kitchen with parquet wood flooring.
Living area- Very nice with marble floor and rugs, Sunny room.
Sun room area- Marble floor, Nice place to play cards.
3 Bedrooms- Master, Each with own private bath area.
Nursery added for those special times.
Extra Bathroom- Full bathroom on first floor total is four bathrooms.
Outdoor pool and hot tub- "Great" also a place to exercise under the
open sky.
Outdoor- Dining area, play area.

Garage, Fire and Burglar protection, telephones on each levels in
hallways, first level in kitchen.
Sims Skills building objects are included.
A nice bottle of "Champagne" to welcome your sims to their new

NOTE: Check out Pictures for a look inside ( Walls are down )
Be sure that in your game options your reflection are on, there
are beautiful mirrors throughout the home.

NOTE: Please read notes below important instructions:

I want to let members know that if the arches in the front of the entry way of the house is blocked against the white wall.
Just "Removed all" Arches, then the two decorative urn that is standing on the ground from left to right move the urn forward from the wall.
Moved the outside lights on the white wall over a bit on both sides ( Left and right ) them go back and add the "Arches" to the wall one to the right and far left.
Then if you like you may place the "urn" back, be sure To SAVE after doing so. I'll sorry this was my first house I build.

In the backyard near the exercise area please remove small amount
" brown fencing" left on the ground ( sorry ) just go to build mode click
any fencing a tool will come up. On your PC or MAC put your finger
on the key CTRL keep your fingers down as you move the fence tool
across the fencing on the ground it will go away. BE SURE TO SAVE
YOUR GAME after both instructions above, otherwise it will come

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 248,640

Additional Credits:
Thanks to "Numenor" for creating the Any Game Starter.
Thanks to the MTS2 staff.