Socialite Expansion Set - Part One

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leefish passed away in August 2021. Her love for the community, and her work as a staff member here at MTS, shall not be forgotten
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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2009 at 10:15 PM
Updated: 28th Jan 2012 at 1:44 PM by leesester
I started these windows a long time ago, then I saw that fway was making them so I abandoned them a couple of windows in. Then, sadly, fway had a total harddrive failure before he had the chance to upload. So I started again - but RL and train stations got in the way, and so several months later, here it is, the Socialite Expansion Set, Part 1.

The set is quite small as there are two different socialite windows - the Perfect Pediment and the Classical Curves. This set is the Perfect Pediment and consists of four windows and two doors. The pic above shows a 1 tile version of the Maxis window; as you can see, I made it so it tiles.

I took the big window and shrank it down to a petite version of itself, and made a 1 tile and 2 tile version of it - (see picture with all 4 windows) and made a privacy window as well.

But what are windows without doors? I had a request to make a one tile version of the Socialite double doors, and while making it thought it would be cool if I could get a surround on it to match the windows. I managed it, just, and - see pic - it tiles and so looks very grand.

Of course not everyone likes grand so I am also uploading the original requested door by Phaenoh. The stone surround door looks like this on the inside.

And finally - yes, these are custom windows, so I took an interior shot for you to see that the small windows sit nicely above a counter. See screenshots at end of post.

LATE EDIT: I forgot to mention, these are repository windows and doors and so will pick up any recolours of the original Maxis items that you may have in your downloads folder. In the related tab there is a link to Guardgians white recolours of the doors used in this set.

Polygon Counts:

Equally Eloquent Doorway = 1324 polys and 350 simoleons
Perfect Pediment Door = 1666 polys and 350 simoleons
Petite Perfect Pediment 1 tile and 2 tile = 1066 polys and 170 simoleons
Perfect Pediment Window 1 tile = 1082 polys and 293 simoleons
Private Perfect Pediment Window = 566 polys and 85 simoleons

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for providing the original mesh and textures, SIMPE, Phaenoh for asking for the door, all the tutorial writers on MTS2, fway for being a sport and helping me when my UV map got screwed up, and MTS2 for giving me a place to share my stuff.