ConvertiWall 1.2 - Change Wall IDs on a Lot (Updated Jan 13, 2010)

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ConvertiWall Version 1.2:

The ConvertiWall program will change all walls, within a specified area on a lot, from one type of wall (Wall ID) to another.

It can be used to create "foundation roofs", which will reduce the price of modern homes with interesting roof lines. I used an earlier version of this program to keep the price of several of my Fledgling Flat starter lots under $20,000. See the following link for more details:

It can also be used to change brick foundation walls to normal walls, to allow windows and doors to be placed into "daylight" basement walls.

As well, it can be used to change a custom wall, such as Numenor's "Unleveled wall", to a standard TS2 wall. This is helpful for downloaders who do not want to install custom walls when downloading lots. It is also helpful for lot creators who want the convenience of custom walls while building, but do not want to require the end user to install custom walls. For more information about custom walls, see the "Custom Walls Repository & Index":
and the Scriptorium:

Version 1.2 adds the ability to modify lots in neighborhoods with non-standard prefixes.

To install, just download and unzip it. Run the EXE from the unzipped location.

This is "alpha" software and is still in development; it is not guaranteed to work and may corrupt your neighborhoods. Be sure to backup your game before using this tool.

I have included the source code for version 1.2 in There is no need to download this file unless you are a C# programmer who wishes to look at or modify the code.

I left the previous version 1.1 ( available, in case there are any unforseen problems. There is no need to download this file.

- The program uses some DLLs from SimPE; they are included in the zip file.
- ConvertiWall is released under the GNU General Public License.
- You need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run ConvertiWall:

Running under OS/X:
Please read this thread for information about running ConvertiWall under OS/X:


1) Backup your game files.

2) Run ConvertiWall.EXE and select the neighborhood and lot, or choose a lot from the LotCatalog. If your neighborhood is not in the standard location, use the Browse button to select the neighborhood. See the first comment by Numenor for instructions on accessing AnyGameStarter neighborhoods.

3) Choose the type of wall that you want to convert. All standard Maxis walls are listed. Any custom walls used on your lot will appear at the end of the list.

4) Choose the new type of wall to convert to. If you don't see the Wall ID that you want, you can type in the Wall ID as a number.

5) Choose the range of walls that you want changed. Note that level -1 is the underground level used by the pool; level 0 is the ground.

6) Click on the Finish button.

Known Issues:
A) ConvertiWall has been tested with all EPs and SPs up to and including Mansion and Garden Stuff. It may not work with later EPs and SPs.

B) ConvertiWall just changes the Wall ID of the specified walls; this does not mean that the game will accept the new Wall ID.

The following conversions are known to work:
1: Maxis normal walls to 23: Maxis foundation walls
23: Maxis foundation walls to 1: Maxis normal walls
90: Numenor Unleveled wall to 1: Maxis normal walls
90: Numenor Unleveled wall to 23: Maxis foundation walls

Other conversions may crash the game, depending upon how different the original and new walls are. If you have chosen a conversion which does not work, restore from backup.

If you find other conversions which work, please report them on this thread.

C) ConvertiWall will not update anything on the lot except for the Wall IDs. This means that it will not update the price of the lot, the lot imposter, etc. To update these things, you must run the game and make a build change to the lot, then save.

D) ConvertiWall updates only the Wall ID. This means that it does not update the current wall covering. To see the default wall covering, just remove the current one.

E) I recommend the "Versioned backups" option for anyone who uses the "Restart" button. This will ensure that all intermediate backups are kept until you are certain that your changes are working as expected.

Release History:

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