Request : Hand Triforce Marks (Power, Wisdom and Courage) - Can now be weared with others accessories

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Uploaded: 24th Apr 2009 at 7:27 PM
Updated: 29th Apr 2009 at 12:33 PM - Fixed : Triforce Marks can now be weared with others accessories

The Triforce...the sacred triangle...
it is a balance that weighs the
three forces:
Power, Wisdom and Courage.

If the heart of the one who holds
the sacred triangle has all three
forces in balance, that one will
gain the True Force to govern all.

But, if that one's heart is not in
balance, the Triforce will separate
into three parts:
Power, Wisdom and Courage.

Only one part will remain for the
one who touched the Triforce...the
part representing the force that
one most believes in.

If that one seeks the True Force,
that one must acquire the two
lost parts.

Those two parts will be held
within others chosen by destiny,
who will bear the Triforce mark
on the backs of their hands.

Hi ^^.

Halo1862 asked to me, I made it .
These three marks are accessories, as said in the legend, the marks are on the back of the right hand.
These accessories can be weared by teens, young adults, adults and elders and the two genders. Also, you can wear them with any outfit (underwears, swimwears, etc.). They are cloned from base game sun glasses : no EP needed.

For esthetic reason, the mesh is very close to the sim's skin (in order to not see a space between the two meshes). I noticed that with some clothes, the hand is a little bit bigger. So the Triforce mark does not appear entirely. But that is just for a few meshes.

The rar file contains the three marks (Power, Wisdom and Courage) and the mesh needed. Of course, you can recolor it ; this mesh will be perfect for hand tatoos.

Jim .

Polygon Counts:
am : Faces=21 ; Vertices=18
af : Faces=16 ; Vertices=15
tm : Faces=14 ; Vertices=14
tf : Faces=14 ; Vertices=14

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the autors of these tutorials:

- Mini-Tutorial - Making accessories wearable at all times
by boblishman
- MiniTutorial: Custom Icons for Accessories
by SnowStorm