Factory Style AL Windows + Bonus Window

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leefish passed away in August 2021. Her love for the community, and her work as a staff member here at MTS, shall not be forgotten
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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2009 at 3:17 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2011 at 1:48 PM by leesester
I have been building again - and this time I wanted to make a warehouse type building - but as usual, no window by EA that fulfilled my requirements...so I did a remesh of the Apartment Life GearHead Windows. I was NOT going to upload these as I kind of felt these were Fways set, and the fabulous Liam Set by Adele is really awesome, and those are factory windows too.

Anyhoo, Corrie asked me for these windows and told me I should upload them, so here they are

The windows are full length, so are the height and width of single wall on the 1 tile version and the two tile covers a two pieces wide piece of wall.

In the title I refer to a bonus window; it is a privacy window I have been working on for this set, but has an extra feature; the window will open; using a sim, click on the window and choose open. Later, choose closed. Unfortunately, I was NOT able to get the open and close trick to work on the diagonal, but hopefully this not quite perfect version will be fun in your game.
Here is a little film of the small window in action.....watch the small window...watch it.....YAY!!


Privacy = 85 simoleons
1 tile 125 simoleons
2 Tile 250 simoleons

These are repository windows, and so will pick up any recolours of the original AL windows you may have in your Downloads folder, and have the four original colours. To recolour these windows, recolour the original AL windows.

Polygon Counts:
2 Tile New Gear City Long Windows Straight 988 polys
1 Tile New Gear City Long Windows Diagonal 772 polys
1 Tile New Gear City Long Windows Straight 674 polys
2 Tile New Gear City Long Windows Diagonal 1191 polys
Closed New Gear City Privacy window Diagonal 688 polys
Opening New Gear City Privacy window Straight 688 polys

Additional Credits:
Echo, for helping with the open close window, Corrie for asking and encouraging and testing - EA/Maxis for the original mesh, Fway for just being awesome, SIMPE, all the tutorial makers, and MTS for a place to share my stuff.