Simton Town Office

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2011 at 11:34 AM
Updated: 31st Aug 2011 at 10:43 AM by leesester
I have been all inspired by Phae's Apocalypse Challenge

Anyway, I was thinking about what I would do if I survived the apocalypse. I would of course go and find a defensible house and hide there - but I live in a city, and everyday I see all these grand buildings that I could never afford to live in. I was thinking that yea, the looters would come and trash the interior and take all they could - but are they really going to steal windows and doors? Walls? Maybe the building structure would get damaged, but the shell of a lovely building would remain. I could live there.....

So, it was this thinking that inspired this lot. Its not really compatible with the apocalypse challenge as the lot is too small and is on lush ground - but I tend to ignore rules that mean I can't have pretty.

The house is amazingly cheap - this is because all the BUILD is depreciated - my sim lived in it for 5 days while I was testing. I moved the sim out and replaced all the buy stuff. I used BoilingOil's Revised version of Pixelhate's amazing wall overlays - now the grunge costs NOTHING, it does not boost room score and sims don't spend their time admiring grunge

I have to have a backstory or I can't build... Hmmm. Well, I think that this building was originally the Town Office - a fairly grand building with an office for sim visitors to come and complain about how the town was being run and an upstairs offices for the mayor and the staff to sit about doing nothing in. The main indicator for this is the Plumbob Arch at the top of the posh staircase and the remains of a pretty Art Deco type separator (in the "living/skilling" area).

Lot Size: 2x1
Lot Price: 19917

Custom Content by Me:
- Painting Shadow for Pixelhates overlays
- Stone Recolor of HL's Plumbob Arch
- Drippy walls for pixelhates Overlays

Custom Content Included:
- Pixelhate's FullPoster Wall Overlays revised by BoilingOil
- Big entrance Privacy window remeshed by leesester by leesester
- Double Pine Bed by plasticbox
- Equally Eloquent Doorway by leesester
- Petite Perfect Pediment Window by Al Waisopin Design by leesester
- Petite Perfect Pediment Window on 2 Tiles by leesester
- Lost & Found Object by HugeLunatic
- Value Door Centred on 2 Tiles by leesester
- Place Me Anywhere Lamp by leesester

Custom Content Not Included but Required
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Degradation02_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Degradation03_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Degradation09_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Degradation16_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Degradation17_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Degradation19_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF01_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF04_Pixelhate by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Poster05_Pixelhate by pixelhate

Additional Credits:
Lot Resized using Lot Adjuster

The gang on leefish for being encouraging, Phae for thinking of this challenge