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Base Game Centred Doors

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Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2011 at 4:47 PM
Updated: 21st May 2011 at 2:15 PM by leesester
I made a centred version of the base game Walnut Door after I got a request to do so, and a few people have asked if I could do some more. So here they are - the base game one tile doors centred on two tiles.

This is the base game value door sporting a grungy new look courtesy of Pixelhate

I have uploaded the doors as separate files so you can get just the ones you want.

Prices and Catalog Location
In the build mode catalog with the rest of the windows and doors. The two tile is priced the same as the one tile original so they should be next to each other.

Recolour Options
As always, repository doors, so any recolours you have for the One tile Base Game doors that you may have in your downloads folder will work for these doors as well.

Value Door (Diagonal and Straight)1492080 Simoleons
Moroccan Door (Diagonal and Straight)1862129 Simoleons
Four Score Door (Diagonal and Straight)11278160 Simoleons
Oaktowne Classic Door (Diagonal and Straight)11474173 Simoleons
Colonial Interior Door (Diagonal and Straight)1432330 Simoleons

Polygon Counts:
See table in post

Additional Credits:
SIMPE, MTS, all the people here who keep me interested in simming

Pixelhate for the walls and door recolour used in the pic