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The Meaning of Trash: A Set of 6 Shredded Stockings - UNISEX now available

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2009 at 8:42 PM
Updated: 21st Jul 2009 at 2:57 PM
Here's a set of 6 trashy things that go on your ladies' legs! For the best effect on the tights, I recommend using patterns from the "Fabric" section when you're dressing your sims.

These were made using the Silk Full Stocking maxis mesh. They do not overwrite the original. They are enabled for Everyday, Formal, and Sleepwear. They work with teen->elder females. (Though I'm REALLY tempted to try converting these for queens in the future.)

Ripped Rodarte Fishnets
2 Recolorable Patterns
I tried adding a little garter belt to this. Unfortunately, it layers underneath panties, so it doesn't quite look right. To make this, I used pictures taken from MisoPervy's etsy shop and did a lot of cleaning up by hand. If you like these stockings, check her store out.

edit: I tried cleaning these up a bit for the unisex version. The cleaned up version is only available in unisex.

Torn & Trashy Tights
1 Recolorable Pattern
I really love how the rips & runs on this one turned out. And there's only 1 recolorable pattern on this. I used different models for these pics, which is why the skin color is different.

Holy Leggings!
1-2 Recolorable Pattern
Without tights (on the top) and with tights underneath (on the bottom). These did not turn out as awesome as I was hoping they would, but they work.

Once I finished the leggings, I realized it would be trivial to make the same thing but with fishnets, sooo...

Holy Fishnets!
1-2 Recolorable Pattern
Without tights (on the top) and with tights underneath (on the bottom).

EDIT: I have now added unisex versions of these for the all awesome sim queens. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
A big thanks goes out to Delphy for the CAS unitool and to Hanlon Razor for the super-useful tutorial.