Kittyklan Default Faces

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2009 at 10:43 PM

My goal when I started painting these was to create face defaults that were attractive but also worked as a clean slate and could be used for many different races. (Then, more distinctive features could be layered on top of the face default using makeup.)

Creators: Please ask before using this skintone as a base for related CC!

  • Slight spotlight/glow effect on inner face
  • Jawline contouring to fight pudding
  • Subtle/blended Nose Sides & Brow
  • Subtle eyefolds
  • Light pink inner daub on lips for dark skintones (more natural lips for dark-skinned sims)
  • Sclera

Male & Female
Toddler through Elder
FACES ONLY! Get your bodies elsewhere.


Pale through Dark
faces shown with no makeup

Toddler through Elder
faces shown with no makeup

A bunch of extra pictures can be found at the kitty klan blog.

NORMAL - Includes edited face overlays for women. Necessary for lips to appear natural. The EAxis originals had ugly auto-lipstick on the women. I removed it for my face replacements.
NO OVERLAYS - Exactly what it sounds like. If you have downloaded any other default replacements for face overlays (teeth, eye whites, etc.) then download this package so there are no conflicts. Most default replacement eyes do not include the whites, so those are safe to use with the normal package.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to aikea_guinea for the default replacement skintone tutorial, the bloggers who helped with feedback while I was making this, and for the minds behind the S3PE program.

Hairs shown were found at the following sites:
Yagi Sims (Peggy conversions)
Peggy Zone (free hair)
Sims 2 Design (Peggy conversion by edacraft)
Rusty Nail's Blog (Roan conversion)
Pixie hair for Males by oepu (MTS)
Nous Sport Short hair by Hysterical Paroxysm
Newsea Free Hair

Clothing, glasses, accessories found at Kitty Klan (several items are unreleased at this point)