Winnipeg Canadian Lodge

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2009 at 12:24 AM
Updated: 10th Jul 2009 at 11:35 AM
Hi guys,

This is the Winnipeg Canadian Lodge

If you're looking for a forest lodge or house this is it !
This house haves everything your Sims will need as
long as they have money to buy it...

With 4 Bathrooms 2 located on the ground level and the
other 2 private to the 2 bedrooms on the top floor,
a cute main hall entrance that leads you to the readingroom
with a fireplace and a Bar and also to the TVroom, on the other
side you have the Dinningroom with a American style Kitchenet
and also a small relaxing room, on this groud level you also have
2 small terrace one with a bar and another with the Barbacue...

Located on the Top floor you have the main hall with a nice open view
interior balcony that lets you see the down floor main entrance hall,
2 bedrooms with private Bathrooms each, the house Office, the gym,
and the games room...

Outside on the back, it's lacated the swimming pool with a Bar, at the front
you have on the right side a Garage for 2 cars...

This house is full of detailles, and I took special care to everything on it,
specially the surrounding forest garden, the front haves 2 small lakes
with a lot of athmosfere , and on the back at the end right side the big lake
wre your Sims can enjoy being at the forest and fishing...

This was built from scratch in 2 days and it took around 16 hours to
achieve the final result...

I hope you enjoy it

Lot Size: 60x60

Lot Price furnished: 276,094

Lot Price unfurnished: 166,225