Hua Kwan Thai Temple House

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2009 at 6:36 AM
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Hua Kwan
Thailand Temple House

Hi my friends!

This is my secound Thai house,
I have decided this time to get
a really landscape impact and for that
picked on the Thai theme and construction
style of their temples and Historical Ruins.

House gameplay style

This house haves some game play techniques
cause of her style and the way it was built,
Watch this aerial map of the all lot :

You can see here that the only entrance
to the house is on the large main building
livingroom and then using bridges that cross
jungle Rivers and lakes to the kitchen and
dinningroom and from there using a large bridge
to the bedroom and bathroom...

To exit the house you will have to do all the way
back again to the livingroom again and exit to the jungle,
on the centre you have the largest bridge that connects to
the Pearl of this lote, the Ancient Temple ruins
swimming pool, this part took me 2 days to
achieve the result that you can see in the first picture of
this post.

House detailles

First building haves Livingroom with a interior garden,
The secound couple of 2 small buildings haves the
Kitchen in one of them and in the other the dinningroom,
Third couple of 2 buildings haves the Bedroom on one
of the buildings and in the other the bathroom.

Lote Size : 60 x 60

Price Furnished : 261,077

Price Unfurnished : 165,488


If you think this lote haves to much forest
you can always delet some trees but it will
take some magic to the all lote.

There are a lot of items here that I recolored
to bring the all Lote more atmosphere, walls,
objects, and included the cars...

Also this House countains some items recently
released on the Sims Store...

Sets from Sims 3 store used

Tiki Set

Bayside set

Uktraconfort set

Hewnsman set

Story book set

You must understand that I didn't use the full sets
but part of each of these above mentioned sets...

I hope everyone enjoys this house
and have fun !


Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 261,077