Muang Boran Ancient Pool Park

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Muang Boran Ancient Pool Park

About Muang Boran

The Ancient City, or Muang Boran in Thai, is like an open book
of history and an open door to the real Thailand. Here you will
find numerous reproductions of palace halls, temples, stupas,
stone sanctuaries and traditional houses. You can also visit
several reconstructed historical buildings, authenticated
communities with their inhabitants doing their daily
chores and sample villages from all regions of the country.

The Muang Boran Park

This is my first huge work over any community lote
I have ever made so far, This park haves magic
floating in the brise that blows the trees , the buildings
were carefully placed in a way that would not interrupte
the harmony of the all scenary, the large stone collums
that lead the way to the Pool of life throught the
Pass of Shadows are carefully guarded by the Mithical
Statues of Gods, The pool of life crafted in the stone
is full of Natural water that flows from the Hearths deep,
The large Lake is protected by the large sacred Stone
and waiting for you.

I loved building this park, and the final result I think
it speacks for himself.

Lote detailles

Large community Swimming pool ( Pool of Life ),
Bistro and Bar, a children Playground and WCs,
also have a large fountain at the entrance, a parking
lot for 4 cars, a large lake to fish and a camp fire place
to have fun with other sims...

Lote Size : 60 x 60

Price Furnished : 333,488

Price Unfurnushed : 135,308


You should not try this lot unfurnished since it haves
a lot of items , like base blocks, Collums etc, that
if changed will take the park is beauty ...

There are a lot of items here that I recolored
to bring the all Lote more atmosphere, walls,

Also this House countains some items recently
released on the Sims Store...

Sets from Sims 3 store used

Tiki Set

Bayside set

Uktraconfort set

Hewnsman set

Story book set

You must understand that I didn't use the full sets
but part of each of these above mentioned sets...

I hope everyone enjoys this house
and have fun !


Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 333,488