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OUTDATED: The "CEP" (Color Enable Packages) - V. 2.0 - 14-MAR-2005

by Numenor Posted 31st Dec 2004 at 2:52 AM - Updated 27th Nov 2013 at 9:30 PM by Nysha
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08 AUG 2005 - MAC users: Quaxi has updated the MacOS X version of the CEP, to include all the University objects; now the MacOS X version is identical to PC version v. 2.0 released on 14MAR2005.
Here is the direct download link: CEP 2.0 MacOS X

13 JULY 2005 - MAC users: read Amjoie's instructions for installing the CEP on MacOS X systems

16-JUNE-2005 - Thanks to Quaxi, now the CEP v.2.0 is available also for MacOS X (Apple) operating system.

UPDATE 14-MAR-2005 - CEP v. 2.0[B]
Well, the new University EP has a lot of new objects, and we want to recolour all of them, do we?
I have to admit that Maxis made a good job, this time, as many objects were already colour-enabled. Many other object needed our "intervention", and we made them recolourable for you...
Almost *all* the new University objects are now recolourable (among the few excluded objects, there are the modular columns that - just like the modular stairs - can't be colour-enabled.

As per request, there are some additions to the base-game objects, too: [B]the outdoor trashcan, the red part of the love tub and the metal cage for the asian table lamp
are now recolourable.

IMPORTANT: this version of the CEP includes all the University objects, but it can be safely installed even without the EP installed.

Just as before, along with the main CEP installer (ColourOptionsSetup.exe), there is the complete list of the Recolourable and Excluded objects: use it as a reference to know which objects need CEP to recolour which don't.

As usual, keep posting here any issues you may find about the CEP recolours.


UPDATE 21-JAN-2005 - CEP v. 1.3
OK, Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the new CEP v. 1.3!
Until v. 1.2, we have enabled colour option for objects that never had it before; this time, we have checked all the objects that already had 1 recolourable part, and we added colour option for a second part.
Therefore, the difference between "CEP objects" and "non-CEP objects" is getting thinner and thinner: for instance, if you want to recolour the shade of the Social Climbing lamp, you *don't* need CEP; but if you want to recolour the stand of the same lamp, you *do* need CEP.
So, I've prepared an Excel file ("Recolourable_And_Excluded_Objects") that holds all the information about what objects parts need CEP to be recoloured and what parts don't need CEP.

This version of CEP lets you recolour many new object parts, too many to mention here (in the attached Excel files, the new additions are marked in Italics).
One of the most the most interesting addition is the Phone Handset, that is now recolourable (special instruction are provided in the Excel file).
I've also enabled colour option for the chimneys: no more ugly red bricks! :D
And for those who love recolouring glass parts, RGiles and I have enabled colour options for all the doors and windows, for some lamps and for some dining/coffee/end tables.

Update 06-JAN-2005 - CEP v. 1.2
Here is CEP version 1.2. This time we have checked for objects that already had colour options for 1 part, but had a second part that still needed to be "colour enabled".
So far, we have added an additional recolour option for the following object (in brackets, the part that is now recolourable):
Dynasty Armoire (brass handle), Craftmeister Booknook (books), Renaissance Bookcase (books), BiblioFile Bookcase (books), CinderBooks bookcase (books), Ad-a-Quaint Barstool (seat), "Keister Kompanion" Barstool (legs), Retratech Padded Egg Chair (legs), Simple Sit Chair (seat), Grand Parlour Chess Table (chequered board & frame), Trellisor Wedding Arch (bells), Well Wisher's Window (heart-shaped decor), "Matte & Glass" Front Door (glass), Wachowt Glass Door (glass).
For the last two objects, the glass parts are textureless, and must be recoloured altering the MATD.
In addition to those catalog objects, we have added color options for 2 out-of-catalog objects: the Mailbox and the Sphere (matte). Both objects aren't buyable, so there are special instructions for them.
The Mailbox can be recoloured in the usual way (using Object Workshop); you can recolour the wooden stand and the metallic box; to actually apply the recolours to the Mailbox, go into "buy mode" and then select the "Design mode" icon: now if you click on the mailbox, you'll be able to choose the new colours.
The Sphere is a test object left out of catalog by Maxis. You can recolour it with OW (you'll find it under the name "Sphere - Matte"; you can choose to recolour the wooden stand or the sphere). To "buy" this object (and select the colours as well) you may, alternatively:
1) download Carrigon's hacked package (that contains only the standard grey version); OR 2) download the Maxis "Lost & Found" #4 package that I've posted in the Object Recolour forum (under "Decorative objects"), that contains also the translucent glass version.

Update 04-JAN-2005
Thanks to Rentechd, we now have the official CEP icons and banner. You'll find them attached at the end of this post. These icons were created to mark CEP objects, links, downloads, instructions, and so on.
We are finding a proper place to put them, so that you will be able to link to them. Obviously, they are not needed to post your object here on MTS2; they're intended to be used on other sites to mark CEP links.

Update 02-JAN-2005 - CEP v. 1.1
Added to the CEP:
- Aspiration Reward: Elixir of Life
- Career Rewards: Teleprompter, Putting Green, Punching Bag,
Obstacle Course, Surgical Dummy, Candy Factory
Minor changes to the expensive alarm clock MMAT.
Updated the "Excluded Objects" list.
Updated the License Agreement

First release 01-JAN-2005 - CEP v. 1.0
The attached file contains the beta release of the "Enable Color Option" packages.
Once installed (see instructions below), they will enable the option to choose different colors in the catalog for almost every objects that Maxis shipped with only one decor.
As a consequence, now our skillful modders can create new color packages even for those objects!

Credits: The creation of these packages wouldn't be possible without the joined efforts of Quaxi, RGiles and me. A very special "Thank you!" to Rentechd for her ability to discover the many "exceptional exceptions" we had to deal with, to MaxoidTom for having pointed us to an exit from a bad dead end, to uecasm for the installer and to anyone helped us with their requests, hints and suggestions.

Installation instructions:
1) Unpack the .zip archive in a temporary folder;
2) Double-click on the executable in order to let the installer copy the system packages into the proper folders (a package named _EnableColorOptionsGMND will be copied into your Download folder and a package named _EnableColorOptionsMMAT will be copied into the folder [gamedir]\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Sims3D; you can remove them in any moment, in order revert the game to its original state)
3) READ the Excluded_Objects.txt files!

How to use: Once you have installed the packages, the in-game object catalog will allow the user to choose a decor for those objects that previously had only 1 color.
Please take note that:
1) Installing the two packages doesn't add more colors to the original one; in order to actually see multiple colors in the "buy mode" catalog, you have to create (or download) additional recolor packages (see tutorial). The "Enable Color Options" packages simply give the user the option to create recolor packages, as this was impossible (until now) for objects that originally had only 1 color.
2) The objects listed into the "Excluded_Objects.txt" file aren't included in the packages and thus currently can't be recoloured. We are still working on these packages and will likely enable color option for those objects in future releases.

Known Issues:
1) Some of the objects included in the packages (namely the "breakable" objects like the 2 alarm clocks and the Grandfathers Clock), are known to revert to their original colors when the breaking animation occurs; in these cases, you can either dispose the debris into the trashcan or save the game and re-enter the lot in order to have the debris correctly recoloured.
2) All the "outdoor" objects included in the packages (e.g. hot tubs, garden furniture, trees and plants...) show their original color or flashing blue colour when in neighborhood view.
3) The Wabbit Head language toy reverts to original color when the baby stops playing with it; saving game and re-entering the lot fixes the issue.

How to create Color Extension Packages
IMPORTANT!!! In order to create recoloured objects with these packages, you must use SimPE v. 0.14 or later.
To actually create the recolor packages, just follow RGILES' TUTORIAL: it applies perfectly to the "new" recolourable objects we are discussing about in this thread. It's perfect as is and I don't need to add anything. I just want to repeat or point out some very important elements:
1) Always use descriptive filenames for your creations: we suggest to use the template "CreatorName_ObjectName_Color.package", but you can choose any filename you want, as long as it's detailed enough to be sure that no other users will use the very same filename.
2) Sometimes, in your newly created package, you may not find any textures: this may be an issue (in this case, please post it to let us know), but remember that some objects parts (namely lamp bulbs, glass parts, reflective parts) may be recoloured by altering some parameters in the MATD files, an thus they do not have a related TXTR file. This is not a issue: simply, some objects parts are a bit more difficult to recolour.

1) The Enable Color Option packages are still in beta testing: we are likely to change/add elements to them, so "stay tuned" and come back here to see if there are updates available.
2) Always test throughly your creations before posting them, and give us feedback if you find any issues.
3) "license":
You can sell Recolors based on the Recolor Packages
You don't have to mention SimPE You have to give Numenor and RGiles the credit for creating the packages
You're not allowed to sell the Enabler packages or its content or part of it.
Please let your Customers know that this is in the Testing stages!
You can offer the Setup on your own Server, or just link to this Thread or to the download on the SimPE site.
Please be fair and respect the hard work we made for the Community.

Warning! There are no files attached to this upload. If this is a "group project" or multi-part upload please check the comments for more files.
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