One Day Later

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2009 at 7:10 AM
Updated: 12th Jul 2010 at 8:27 AM - Fixed post, playground -IS- usable after all!
Monday August 03, 2009.

"It has been one full day since it happened. One full say since I can
remember anything. One full day since we were under attack. And one full
day I spent all alone in this now desolate town. What once I used to call my
home, is scattered across the plains as if it were mere building blocks. It is
all a blur to me. I couldn't remember everything, even if I tried. There is
things that I intentionally blanket in a haze, as it is too painful to even try
and recollect upon. I have managed to find remains of homes, such as this
tablet and the pen near by. My cell phone is dead, as with all other
electronics. I will have to scrape by with what basic survival skills I have. For
now I need to find a shelter. Until next time, journal."


Tuesday August 04, 2009.

"Today has shown a glimmer of hope for me. Since the attack two days ago, I
have had nothing to eat and have been sleeping on the side of the
road...just in case the army ever shows up. If it is even still around. But,
today, I stumbled across this house up in the mountains. Long since
abandoned...and deteriorated from the shock wave sent from the missiles. I
have decided to take refuge in it, as it is the only building that is still erect
from what I have seen. I look upon it in great sorrow. What was once a
family's home, is now a shack for me to confide in until I can find a way to
escape the valley. I am now fear driven, and am awaiting the point where my
instinct kicks in. I must stay alive... Until next time, journal."


1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Kitchen / Living room

Play ground --Will- work, will look buggy as sims legs will swing through ground and slide into mud

Furnished: 15, 661
Unfurnished: 12, 396
Lot Size: 21x22

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: See Post

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Additional Credits:
Canoodle and Hysterical Paroxysm - For somehow inspiring me to do this lot :D