Heather Poe - Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines + Goth version as seperate download

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--> STORY:

Heather Poe is a normal collage student, an ambitious bookworm. She is super friendly and so it's not difficult for her to make friends. The collage life was a breeze for Heather until one day she drove home from a party of one of her best friends...
There she had a terrible accident, she had the energy to call the ambulance, but then lost consciousness. The ambulance luckily only needed 10 minutes to arrive and instantly brought her to the Hospital in Santa Monica.

Her luck left her as she arrived in the hospital, it was full of patients and she was barely able to keep her eyes open. Then a mysterious person showed up and examined her. This person was a vampire, but Heather didn't know that... yet. The vampire gathered all his humanity and allowed Heather to drink it's blood to safe her life. Vampire blood speeds up the healing process and also has a small side effect...

When a mortal drinks the blood of a Vampire, the mortal becomes a "Ghoul" . This creates an invisible bond between the master and the Ghoul and creates an addiction to the vampire and his blood.

...After she woke up she examined herself and saw she was fully healed and fit again. She felt the inner bond between her and her master and instinctively started searching for the mysterious person. Not fully aware of her feelings she finally found the person in L.A. Downtown and starts a conversation...

CLICK HERE to watch the conversation on Youtube

...the instinctive bond remains and she always visits her master every now and then to be of service and get her "fix".


-- Bookworm
-- Good
-- Ambitious
-- Friendly
-- Lucky


-- Music_ Electro
-- Food: Blood of the mysterious person
-- Color: Orange


--> If you have played Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines you will know that Heather also has a GOTH and a SEXY outfit besides her default outfit. They both have the SEXY outfit as sleepwear and the GOTH outfit is available as a second download file. With this outfit she becomes a different person and will fit for those upon you who like it darker

--> As sleepwear she additionally wears the "leather string heels" now, i made them available for EVERY CATEGORY with the help of Delphy's CTU program, which you can find...

--> Heather only visits her master when you turn off your Sims 3 game, unless you are the mysterious vampire who made Heather to it's pet



- To complete the Goth look of Heather you need Raon male hair #36, which you can download -> HERE

ATTENTION: Now Heather goth appears with the right hairstyle, but with red eyes, if you choose the sim in CAS. No worries! All you have to do is to manually select the hair again in CAS (with the spiky look it's easy to spot), then the eyes go back to the usual green color! Done

The guy who converts the hair ninja updated it a few times and i always used the old version during production. I have bad luck with custom hair lately... I gonna switch the sim file with mods permission, until then you have to bear a hand sorry

- The other .package files are included in the downloadfile. To easily install .package files download the "Helper Monkey" -> HERE
and put the files into the "xxx/Sims 3/Mods/Packages" folder.

-- Rick & Delphy's CAS Slider Hack: -> >> CLICK <<
-- Peggyzone Female Body: -> >> CLICK <<
-- HP's female facial texture & "increased shine": -> >> CLICK <<
-- escand's "Tiffany Glaze": -> >> CLICK <<

"3 TF-AF Boots" by "Mötley Crüe"

Custom Content Included:
- afShoesAnkleCHiHeelPointy00_highHeelStrappyLeather by SIMS3 original item
- kanon_afkneehigh by Mötley Crüe / http://linna.modthesims.info/member.php?u=1376083
- kanon_tfkneehigh by Mötley Crüe / http://linna.modthesims.info/member.php?u=1376083

HF with Heather

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