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Smiling Jack - Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

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"Hahaha what a scene ueeeeh!"


This is Smiling Jack of Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines. A Brujah brawler and
a notable Anarch from the nights of the Anarch Free States. He is implied to have been a pirate in former years. Not much more is known about Jack, he is just a funny badass who knows what he's doing.


-- Daredevil
-- Brave
-- Ambitious
-- Good Sense of Humour
-- Genious


-- Rick & Delphy's CAS Slider Hack: -> >> CLICK <<
-- Peggyzone Male Body: -> >> CLICK <<
-- HP's Male face texture -> >> CLICK <<
-- Syera's Eye Replacement: -> >> CLICK <<

I love the Vampire Bloodlines game, one of my alltime favorites and it was great fun to create Jack. My contribution for all you Vampire fans out there

Thanks to Sarasvati for his detailed feedback.

HF with Jack!