Werknotham Window and Door Apartment Life

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2009 at 7:00 PM
Yup, I'm still making stuff for Sims2. Its a great game, and people are still playing it - including me. I got a request for the door a LOOOONG time ago from LDE, and smmi73 asked me if I could do the window. So I said yes sure, thinking "Yeah, easy". Well, it wasnt. It took me a LOT longer than I thought, but here we go:

Its a SINGLE door and a counter height window, remeshed from the rather gorgeous werknotham set from AL. What made this tough to do was that it was a TILING window and door - and that means to look nice on the diagonal I had to do the mesh all over again for the diagonal versions. Fortunately I had my test sim Jarvis to cheer me on......

Prices and Recolours

Both the window and door are 200 simoleons and as always are repository items so any recolours you may have for the original windows will also work on these.

Polygon Counts:
Door - straight and diagonal = 830 polys
Window - straight and diagonal = 500 polys

Additional Credits:
First the pics, cos I love to take pics

Picture credits:

Mog Hughson for the newsagent sign - find it here
Loaf (aka Sealkitten) for the great sim - you can find him here

And of course SimPE, MTS, LDE, smmi and all the people who keep on playing sims2 and keep a great game alive.