4 Hobbit Girl Outfits

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2009 at 1:38 AM
Updated: 31st Aug 2009 at 7:50 AM
After the feedback on my elven dresses upload, i thought many of you could use some hobbit outfits as well, so i made these 4, vaguely lotr-movie inspired clothes

the casual outfit consists of loose linen pants with recolorable buttons and belt+linings. hobbit girls don't really wear pants but maybe the more advnturous type would the top has 3 recolorable parts, the undershirt, the top and the decorative linings on it.

the barmaid dress has 3 recolorables: the corset, its ribbons and linings plus apron and the underrobe.

the party outfit is somewhat based on Rosie Cotton's green dragon outfit, also with 3 recolorable parts: the skirt plus corset, the middle part of the corset plus bottom of the skirt, and the blouse. oh, and it has a laced up back

the merchant outfit's 3 recolorables are the shawl and apron and underskirt, corset plus skirt, and the blouse.

thats it, hope you'll enjoy and report back if anything's amiss hehe ^^