4 LOTR Inspired Gowns

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2009 at 9:17 AM
Updated: 31st Aug 2009 at 7:51 AM
Trying out Sims 3 and fiddling with its workshop I figured my game would be pretty boring without some kind of fantasy clothing and although I specialise in sci-fi stuff I thought a medieval neighbourhood would be more possible in this game.

Sooo I bring you... LOTR inspired robes, fit for medieval sims as well!
They're all maxis recolors with recolorable parts and i hope someone will find these useful

Now onto some descriptions about them:

The lorien gown is made of heavy velvet, with a draped cloak, quilted sleeves and high neck. It looks best in dark colours, fit for any noble elf lady It has 2 recolorable parts, the neck plus sleeves and the cloak itself (You have to press the create a style button in cas to be able to recolor this because for some reason its not clickable, maybe a bug?)

The mirkwood gown consists of a velvet dress with a leafy pattern and floral patterned underrobe, a silky corset, emboridered belt and an intricate necklace. Not really the best choice for a woodelf but maybe on formal occasions... Its 3 recolorable parts: the base robe; the corset, sleeves, the peaking-out part of the underrobe plus the leafy pattern; the belt, necklace and the neckline.

The grey havens gown is a heavily beaded shape-hugging dress with a simple but elegant belt, shortsleeved cloak and intricate neckline. Perfect for sailing to the undying lands i think. 3 recolorable parts: belt; cloak; the robe itself

The rivendell tunic is an ankle-lenght, two-part velvet robe that closes with buttoning, has a leaf-shaped neckline and a simple belt. When your elf maiden just wants to lounge around, this could be a nice choice.
2 recolorables: collar, belt and underrobe; outerrobe

Thats about it, I hope you'll enjoy this upload, and please leave a comment about how these work in game if you decide to try them out

EDIT: Fixed the back of the mirkwood gown, please redownload!