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SEXY Undies For Males

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2009 at 12:45 AM
Updated: 29th Mar 2010 at 7:20 AM - Fixed Thumbnail

Hello Ladies!
(and Gentlemen)

Here are 2 sexy peek-a-boo male briefs that I retextured from base game.
These are perfect for male sims who are not afraid to show some skin. XD

I made 2 versions, you can see them in screenshots.
They are recolorable, 2 alpha channels.
Available in Everyday, Sleepwear, Athletic and Swimwear category.
These are Non Default.
For Young Adult and Adult
Definitely not for Elder.
(sorry Pop, they just don't look good on you )

Also they have their own thumbnails so you'll find them very easy.

Here's some example of these undies.
I recolored them with patterns I got from this site. They're awesome!


Enjoy and Happy Simming, Everyone!

+ + + + +

Model by Me

Jiro Kane, from here

Custom Content by Me:


Custom Content I used:

Face by 234jiao, from here
Body TummyZa, from here (the first one)

Facial Hair:
Chinstrap by Robokitty, from here
Brow by Nandonalt, from here

Hair by Aikea, from here

Patterns by:

plum, from here
ashleydoom, from here and here
gangreless, from here
innocentsheep, from here
Revenessa, from here

Additional Credits:
Delphy, for CTU Tool
All creators above for creating cool CC! Thankies!
Jiro Kane, my model (I heart you)