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Made with her own hands - Recolours for sewable quilt

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2009 at 9:09 PM
Whether as a hobby or for income, Sims fom FreeTime can make quilts, but with the existing three colour options, they could not get spectacular results. I set out to change this.

In the zip you'll find 12 recolours for the quilt sims can make on the sewing machine. This also means that you will not see the recolours in game until a sim has made at least one quilt (it is then designable and you can view/delete recolours as normal).

If you like, do not enlarge the attached thumbnails - let it be a surprise.

I am also including a fix for the mapping of this quilt. Without the fix, the above quilt will look like this:

Thank you, HugeLunatic, for helping me make the fix!

Files are Compressorized and clearly labelled.
Installation: both fix and recolours go in the Downloads folder.

Sewing machine and some deco in above picture are by Sandy at AroundTheSims.
Most of the deco items are from Cocomama's Quilt Shop.

A note: I would prefer these textures to remain exclusive to the sewable quilt. I plan to make further quilts - suggestions are welcome.