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FreeTime Invisible Sewing Machine Mod, with Recolours

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2010 at 4:07 AM
Updated: 12th Feb 2011 at 2:11 AM - Added infobutton
Title: FreeTime Invisible Sewing Machine Mod, with Recolours

1) In response to a request, to provide an invisible sewing machine for use in medieval scenarios. The tiny modification file - sdFreeTimeSewingMachine_Invisible.package - is the only package required to implement an invisible sewing machine. This makes the sewing machine suitable for superimposing on dragonarts' spinning wheel (shown above), or on a simple table.

2) To provide several optional sewing machine recolours. Using the modified file, I developed seven recolours of the previously non-recolourable metallic components of the sewing machine. I also included one standard sewing machine recolour - the sdFreeTimeSewingMachine_Machine_Weathered.package.
Gameplay Help

If you wish to place the invisible sewing machine to give the effect of an operational spinning wheel, use "moveobjects on" to put one object on the same two tiles as the other. A chair will be required at the front, on the righthand tile. Alternately, you can suggest the effect of hand sewing by placing the invisible sewing machine on the same tile as a small table. If you use a one tile table, I suggest using "boolprop snapobjectstogrid false" to move the table slightly to the left so that the fabric will appear to be supported by the table.
Terms of Use

You may include this object mod. and any optional recolours in uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. Please include a credit and link to this page.

Additional Credits

StephSim for her object requests, general inspiration, and the use of her medieval "Shadows of Gwrych" Reeves's Lot to model this recolour.
SimPE and CEP for Sims 2 object creation
Corel Web Photo Paint, IrfranView, GIMP 2, Microsoft Photo Editor and Microsoft Paint for graphics file editing, texturing, conversion, and sizing
Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for development and testing
The Guild Masters Dark Project, for the costume used in the demo pictures