NPC Nanny Career - "World Class Nanny"

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Uploaded: 20th Sep 2009 at 4:34 PM
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Hi Everyone!

In response to a request I have created a Nanny career. This is intended as an option for NPCs that you marry/whatever and who you wish to keep their occupation, also to stop them rolling the "Get a Job" want. It is not a formal career with promotions!

The only job description is World Class Nanny. "You're a World Class Nanny! Yeah! Obviously, you must feed, entertain, and sing to sleep the offspring of another couple. But you enjoy that, right?"
The pay is 300/day right through. You will work 12am-1am Sunday through Friday.

I have tested it in my game, but if you find a problem please let me know and I'll do what I can.
I hope some people find it useful

P.S. I have also made, for my own purposes, a Struggling Artist's Pension along similar lines, intended for the Darren Dreamers and suchlike. If you are interested please leave a comment and I'll upload it. Or send it to you somehow if they won't let me ;-)

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