Simple Siding – 6 patterns, horizontal and vertical

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2009 at 11:11 PM
These are really simple siding patterns with NO wood structure, for those occasions where you just want the look of paint in shiny colours. The vertical versions are particularly useful for sloped walls.

The horizontal siding is pretty much like the EA wood siding style but with less clunky shadows. The vertical version is a tongue-and-groove kind of thing, also modeled after one of the existing styles. The important difference here is that these are patterns, not wall styles, so they can be applied e.g. to the barn style walls that I use on pretty much every house I build.

See the detail screenshots for close-up views (1:1, taken with texture detail on High).

There are 3 horizontal and 3 vertical versions with planks of different width. Lower number = wider planks, see the "Overview" screenshot. In the bottom right corner is the EA outdoor siding for comparison.

Colours; Catalogue
All of these are monochrome; the default colour is the yellow you see on the screenshots. I put them in Plastics and Rubber since they don't have any discernible surface structure (just a little noise but that's hardly visible).

Additional uses
The smallest vertical siding works quite well as a sort of "expansion set" / replacement for two of the EA interior paneling styles – it's not glossy like that one, but otherwise it's as close as I could get it. See the "Int01" screenshot; the leftmost two tiles (with the high panel) is the EA paneling, the other ones are various paint/wallpaper styles with the "V4" pattern applied.

Other than that, these are of very limited usefulness – you can perhaps use them for furniture that looks like it's just put together from straight planks (simple shelves, boxes and the like). It looks OK as flooring too, albeit a little boring.

Made with Photoshop, SquishDDS 1.1.3 and PatternPackager running in mono/OS X. Thanks to Delphy for providing the dev version!