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Pointed ears as CAS sliders

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2009 at 6:36 PM
Updated: 21st Jun 2012 at 10:35 PM - updated information
What's an elf or a Vulcan without pointy ears? These packages add new sliders to CAS to modify ears with points going upwards, points going backwards, and an ear tilt to let you adjust them for your favorite hair style. They are for all ages and both genders, and can be inherited. The up- and back-pointed ears can be blended for an in-between angle.

Updated 10/25/09: New version to better support people using low Sim detail. If you don't have a problem with the ears reverting to normal as you zoom out, you don't need to use this version. Added Swedish and Italian labels.

Updated 10/30/09: Added Japanese labels

Up-pointed ears:

Back-pointed ears and a blend of up and back:

By playing with these sliders and the ones that came with the game, you can get some interesting results:

Where to find these:

After installation, you'll find these sliders in CAS, in the 'Head and Ears' section, advanced options for ears. Note the location in the pic below - make sure you're in the Head and Ears section, click the Advanced button, and click the Ear Settings button. You'll have to scroll down for all the sliders.

A few languages have translated labels for the sliders. All other languages will have labels in English. If you want to give me a translation, I'll add more languages and update.

Each slider is independent, and you can use only one or two if you wish.


My jaw (or whatever) slider stopped working when I installed these!

There's a limit to how many new sliders can be added to CAS. For the Head and Ears section up to four can be added if you have the base game, less if you have WA or later, or someone else's custom sliders. If you add more than the number available to the Head and Ears section, some of the game sliders will stop working.

There are several mods to increase the number of sliders the game can use: AwesomeMod has one, the Extended Game Core has one, AWT has a selection of mods, and my XCAS mod has one. These are all CORE mods: they are not compatible with each other, you MUST have the correct one for your version of the game, and you MUST update whenever you patch your game.

In addition, NRaas Master Controller has a non-core hack to increase the number of sliders.

Are these compatible with WA/Ambitions/Late Night/XXX expansion/stuff pack/patch?
Almost certainly, yes. Unless the basic way the game handles facial sliders changes, there's no reason they wouldn't be compatible. Please try it and find out; it's not going to break your game. Sorry, but I'm getting VERY tired of seeing the same question over and over on every morph-related mod I've done every time a patch or expansion comes out and I'm not going to answer unless you've tried it and had a problem.

But they don't work!
They do work. They've been tested with base game, WA, and Ambitions. If they don't work, chances are it's your custom content setup that's not working and/or you don't have a mod to increase the number of CAS sliders (see above). Before you post a question here, verify that other custom content, including sliders, is working in your game. If your setup is not working, there are help pages and help forums on this site. This is not the place to post about it.

Additional Credits:
A big thanks to Delphy for figuring out how to add sliders, and for his encouragement.
Echo for Postal
P L Jones for S3PE Wes H for his Milkshape Plugins
And special thanks to everyone in the MTS CAS forum who offered feedback and suggestions.

Label translations by:
Spanish: Anubis360
German: Oepu
Polish: Pavic
Brazilian Portuguese: AnnieBonnie
Swedish: PppPlyr1
French and Italian (and probably a bit off): me