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Metal sims skins - update 9/10/12

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Uploaded: 2nd May 2011 at 5:09 AM
Updated: 14th Sep 2012 at 1:34 PM - New version upload
Remember the 'Metal Men' comics? They were the original inspiration for these skintones. These very shiny skins were made with white speculars and by tweaking the reflectivity flags in the skintones. They do not have painted-on highlights; they're genuinely shiny. I tried to duplicate the look of six metals: Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Cobalt, and Veridium. (Okay, Veridium isn't really a metal. He was briefly a Metal Man, though.) As of 9/10/12 I've added Amethyst and Rose Quartz, which are... um, not metals either. The amount of shine depends on the amount and quality of light, but in fairly bright light it's very noticeable.

Also as of 9/10/12 I've added two more sets of all eight colors, with different shine settings.
  • Brushed metal - a less focused shine with something of the look of a brushed metal finish.
  • Plastic - like the name says, a very plastic, kind of wet look which may not be for everyone, but YMMV.

Because of the fiddling with reflectivity controls, you may notice the skin has an odd look in shadows, like in the shadow of the dress below. This is more noticeable in CAS than in the game. The skin colors also tend to look slightly different in CAS than in the game. (Like everything else. )

Works for all ages and both genders. I made one package with all eight tones, and also four packages with two each for people who don't want all of them. You can get only Silver/Gold, Copper/Bronze, Cobalt/Veridium, Rose/Amethyst; or any combination.

These are formatted to be compatible with the muscle definition slider patch. They will probably NOT work if your game is not patched.

These skintones change ONLY color, shine, and reflection - they use your current default skins as a base and whatever details and texturing they include will show up.

Another note:
For anyone who doesn't have the updated skintone panel mod that makes it easier to see non-default skintones in CAS (originally Rez Delnava's mod, updated for patches by me, all credit goes to him), I've added mine to the download section of this mod.

Additional Credits:
- Rez Delnava for his work on skintones
- HP's Increased Texture default replacement skins
- The unknown mod for a valuable suggestion
- Master Controller for making testing and screenshots much easier
- The invaluable S3PE -

Update 10/19/2011
A new version of cmar_SkinTonePanel is uploaded for compatibility with patch 1.26/Pets. If you can't get the skin tone panel to appear and (maybe) nothing in the CAS age/gender/body slider panel works, replacing cmar_SkinTonePanel.package should fix it.

Update 9/1/2012
A new version of cmar_SkinTonePanel is uploaded for compatibility with patch 1.38/Supernatural. If various stuff in the age/gender/skintone/body slider panel won't work and you're playing Supernatural or patched up to version 1.38, replacing cmar_SkinTonePanel.package should fix it.

Update 9/10/2012
Addition of two new color ramps: Amethyst and Rose.
Addition of two new sets of all eight colors: Brushed Metal and Plastic.
Reorganization of zips to reduce clutter: For each skintone set all the sets of two colors are now in one zip file, name cmar_<skintone name>Individual.zip. You can install whichever color sets you wish from these zips. The cmar_<skintone name>All.zip files contain one package with all eight colors.