james_rocks89 Glasses Sliders

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2010 at 1:10 PM
Updated: 3rd Jan 2010 at 12:59 AM - Editting Description
Hey this is my first mod i descided to upload becouse its the first on that i felt was at 100% working i have not found any problems with this slider mod so feel free to enjoy.

These are sliders to adjust them big bulky glasses and shades of maxis's. I hope im not to late.These sliders will chang the hight, wigth, and angle of the glass/shades, allowing you to make any size you are after, i was able to even make the glasses turn upside down with some work. So feel free to add glasses to your sims with out the big oversize bulky look, unless you like the big bulky look then just make them BIGGER AND BULKIER.

the image above is the original size of the shades.

and this is the resized shades using my sliders.

Glasses 1= adjusting along the X axis

Glasses 2= adjusting along the Y axis

Glasses 3= adjusting along the Z axis

These sliders can be found in the eyes section under the edit Look. Hope all of you modders enjoy this.

Additional Credits:
tools used. S3PE Delphy's CASSlider Template and Bone Delta Editor

Please enjoy and leave comments Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!