Hipster Mosaic Wall Tile Expansion Set (+ Bonus Pool Wall!)

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Uploaded 20th Oct 2009 at 7:21 PM

Hipster Mosaid Wall Tiles- My favorite wall tiles! Tiny tiny little colored tiles, arranged randomly on the wall. I love them. But the game only has them in pink, blue, and red. So I made an expansion set of commonly used color themes and some variations!

The 3 tiles in game are different- their patterns are different from each other.

But I based all of these on the Pink one, so all of these have the same tile pattern- but since the tiles are so tiny, it's hard to tell that the wall repeats without looking very closely. This is half the reason I love these walls!

The wall colors included are, in order in the picture,

Redder Pink - Deep Pink - Purple
Dark Orange - Orange - Light Orange
Golden Yellow - Yellow - Yellow Green
Green - Blue Green - Aqua

They're all relatively bright candy colors, made to match what seem to be the most common colors used in brighter modern sets. Plus they make pretty much a full spectrum!

And as a bonus I included a matching pool wall. The same tile pattern, but darkened at the top to make pools pretty.

You can also see the full detail of all the mini-tiles in this picture, though that's thanks to maxis, not me. These are just recolors, after all!

Here's an in-game example of how you might use them. This is how I use them and this is how I chose what colors to make- I have lots of modern houses with lots of bright furniture, and these walls are made to match my favorites. They look much better in fake light than in natural light(you can see every wall in natural in-game sunlight in the screenshots).

Hopefully someone else likes these walls in-game and will appreciate a whole slew of recolors :D