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Antlers Accessory

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Uploaded 3rd Mar 2010 at 8:18 PM · Updated 3rd Mar 2010 at 8:17 PM by whiterider

A loooong long time ago waaaay back when The Sims 2 came out, plicka made this hair.

And I loved it! I hated, however, that I couldnt use it with any hair, and I didnt know how to make it into an accessory.

Well, now, in The Sims 3, no such antlers exist, so I did it myself. Using plicka's mesh as a base, I have created...antlers! An accessory!

They are for ages teen-elder, both male and female, in all clothing categories. And by that, I mean ALL categories. Work, Naked, Singed, everything. Though they may not appear when naked, because the game seems to randomly decide if something should or not. They are EARRINGS, however, so they should show up normally.

This means your sim will wear them ALL THE TIME (as long as you tell them to). As if they're grown into their head. :D

The texture is wonky, though:
Because of the shape, UV mapping them would be hell. So they do not work with anything but simple textures. By default they have a leather texture. They look horrible with others, like the zebra texture(shown in the pictures).

They look fine with simple textures, like, say...metal?

They also have a weird effect on them in CAS, but this does not show up in game.

The weird CAS texture will change as you put on glasses and stuff, but it won't affect anything.

They don't clip through doors, but obviously will clip through stuff like beds and walls and the fridge and anything your sim sticks their head into :p

Personally, I've gotten into the habit of...putting them on EVERYONE.


Feel free to use on sims, but don't share the package and always link to me. :D

Polygon Counts:
1135 Polys, 591 Vertices

Additional Credits:
EsmereldaF, for her help and her Servo, who looks great with metal antlers.
Everybody who helped me figure out meshing
plicka for making the original hair that I used as a base
The clothing and Hair on the female model is from the store.
Tarzan's hair is from this female to male conversion pack. And Tarzan is from Me :p

Accessory Type: Misc
Age: Teen Young Adult Adult Elder
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Gender: Male Female

Tags: #antlers, #antler, #deer