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Set of New Rabbit Holes to customize community or residential lots in a town

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 1st Nov 2009 at 9:59 PM
Updated: 6th Nov 2009 at 10:32 PM
Set of Rabbit Holes to customize community lots in a town.

This Set includes new meshes of all Rabbit Hole to match your community lot to city look by using sign instead of default community object (instead default Rabbit Hole).
This Rabbit Hole Signs don't override default game Rabbit Holes and have their default functionality.

Positive aspects:
- Each object doesn't take much space on the lot. I have assigned to each object 1 or 4 floor tiles only.
- Sim can walk through this space.
- It has default Rabbit Hole functionality and all options are available. No changes to default Rabbit Hole's functionality were done (no modifications).
- It helps to customize the style of your community lots as a Victorian, modern or fantasy town etc.
- You can place this signs without cheat codes at the building or inside of the building, on the road, on the border of community lot. You may intersect this sign with residential lots too (as long placement point of this object is on a community lot) and it will still work.
- Decreased lags in your city. That means in town your game might run a little faster.

Important building part:
- Don't place object, walls and fences at the left or right sign to nearly except of rugs. Besides Sim still can use this space to walk there.
- Rabbit Hole Sign indicates an entry and an exit of default Rabbit Hole. Some Rabbit holes have 2 entries/exits. Don't put objects at the entries else it will block the path to the object and Sim will not be able to enter there. I didn't move entries on another positions. It's by default.
- If Sim enters into my customized Rabbit Hole Signs, Sim will still disappear due default functionality.
- Be sure both entries / exits and a placement point of the object are in one area (both inside or both outside of the building)
- With very nearly camera view sign could blend and disappear like trees from your view. If you move camera a bit more far it will appear again.
- This objects are not recolorable.

To rotate the sign hold this object and press “,” or “.” on your keyboard.

If you have build a custom community lot and have placed a rabbit hole sign, please test one more time if Sim can entry and exit. There might be several tests needed to place the sign in a right position by trail and error. It's up to you to figure out the placement on your custom lot that it fits to your needs. This can be different on each custom lot and it can take some time to test it out. If you once figured out how to place this signs you'll be able to place them almost immediately right.

Community rabbit holes (signs) you can find it in build mode - community objects.
It costs §0
Residential rabbit holes (signs) you can find in decorations - misc. It will cost you §1000 each.

In spite of my custom Rabbit Hole Signs have very low polycount in comparison of default Rabbit Hole Houses (300 poly vs 15000 poly) avoid to use over 5 signs on one lot. You have to take in account another decorations what you can use to customize your community buildings.

Bookstore: Faces=306; Vertices=339
Business sign: Faces=221; Vertices=283
City Hall Sign: Faces=1098; Vertices=962
Day SPA Sign: Faces=415; Vertices=317
Dinner Sign: Faces=300; Vertices=316
Grocery Sign: Faces=317; Vertices=336
Medical Sign: Faces=536; Vertices=784
Police Sign (Police Radar): Faces=314; Vertices=422
Restaurant Sign: Faces=340; Vertices=405
School Sign: Faces=464; Vertices=454
Movie Sign: Faces=184; Vertices=243
Criminal Sign: Faces=714; Vertices=1254
Stadium sign: Faces=316; Vertices=340
Science Sign: Faces=1185; Vertices=742
Military Sign: Faces=606; Vertices=480
Mausoleum Sign: Faces=57; Vertices=51
Ice-Cream sign: Faces=117; Vertices=205
Cafe 24h sign: Faces=109; Vertices=193
Dinner simlish sign: Faces=109; Vertices=193

Additional Credits:
Credits to the S3OC and S3PE programs and tools