Jynx's Rabbit Holes Rugs for Residential Lots

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2010 at 7:43 PM
Updated: 17th Jan 2012 at 11:51 PM - NO longer supporting

I am tired of EA's incredible greed and outrageous prices for junk! I have moved to Second Life and am no longer supporting mods here. Feel free to do anything you want with my mods. There are very, very simple tuning mods and easily altered. If you enjoy playing Sims 3 I hope you continue to do so.

Let me start by saying these are not MY Rabbit Holes!
Jynx does not claim them as his and I do not claim them as mine.
Jynx created them based on the idea of Melissa Mel's Rabbit Holes.
The ONLY thing I have done is make them available on Residential Lots.
I cloned them and changed their OBJD files.

You can find Jynx's Custom Rabbit Hole Collection here:

You can get Melissa's Rabbit Hole Signs here:

The rar file contains 15 Rabbit Holes in the form of rugs that show up in Buy Mode - Deco - Rugs

1. Book Store
2. Business – Journalism
3. City Hall
4. Criminal Hideout
5. Day Spa
6. Diner
7. Grocery Store
8. Hospital
9. Mausoleum
10. Military Base
11. Movie Theater
12. Police Station
13. School House
14. Science Center
15. Sports Stadium

The ones most useful for Residential Lots are the Book Store, Grocery Store and School House.
Especially if you have a Loner Sim who hates leaving home.

**Space Requirements**

The minimum space you can have around the Rabbit Holes is 3 wide by 4 deep.
Any thing less than that and your Sims will stamp their feet and yell at you!

The bad news is they conflict with Jynx's Community Rabbit Hole Collection.

The good news is they can still be placed on Community Lots from Buy Mode so you don't need Jynx's.
The are compatible with Melissa Mels Community and Residential Rabbit Hole Signs.

They are compatible with all EP's and SP's.
Tested with:
Ambitions 4.2.32
World Adventures 2.7.7
Base Game 1.14.11

Polygon Counts:
unknown - not required at Custom Sims 3

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Jynx for making the Rugs, Melissa Mel for having the idea, and the creators of S3OC and S3PE for making it all possible.