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The Modern Victorian

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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2009 at 6:45 PM
Updated: 22nd Dec 2010 at 3:50 PM
The Modern Victorian

And now for something completely different... I felt I was getting complacent creating nothing but modern/modular homes so I decided I'd try my hand at a Victorian home. Well, a modern Victorian home (hey, baby steps). I did use a home plan. Technically, it may not be a traditional Victorian home- more of a contemporary design... I took artistic liberties.

I loved building the foundation and structure of the home; walls, etc. And I also loved the way the landscaping turned out. The interior decoration is there, but it's less than I normally put forth. It's move-in ready instead of "lived-in"- there are some bedrooms empty, but the main living areas of the home are decorated... again, baby steps. Regardless, I like the way it turned out. I hope you do to. So, here it is... The Modern Victorian...

- 4 bedrooms
- 3.5 bathrooms
- large master ensuite
- spacious, open 3rd floor
- large back patio
- spacious yard with gazebo

Custom Content NOT Included
-Recolor of Sun King Drawers - wood 1 REC by BillySIMS139
-Real Rugs - Echo's 3x4 rug by Echo
-For Love of Antiques: 12 REC of Echo’s 3x4 rug - Antique Cream Flowers & Antique Green Roses by Grace1974
-Outdoor Plants - Slender Birch - Tall by Nengi65

Custom Content NOT Included but RECOMMENDED
-Shrubby Shrubs by HystericalParoxysm
-Wall Window Seemless BASIC Set by Numenor

Custom Content NEEDED but NOT Included
-Modern Georgian Manor Set by phoenix_phaerie
-Modern Georgian Manor Add-Ons by phoenix_phaerie
(Apologies. I don't like splitting up sets)

NOTE: I've included the recolors for this lot in a separate file, "The Modern Victorian - REC".

I hope you enjoy this lot as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 221,400
Playtested Yes

Custom Content Included:
- L9T Barely There Shower by lara9taylor
- L9T Barely There Shower - Brass REC by lara9taylor
- Edge Smoother - White by Ailias
- Art Nouveau Open Underneath *Recolorable* Modular Stairs by HugeLunatic
- Art Nouveau Fence in Medium Wood and Gold Metal by GiveTheNineARide
- Art Nouveau Stairs in Medium Wood and Gold Metal by GiveTheNineARide
- Outdoor Lantern by Numenor
- VIP Deluxe Extendable Arch Side Straight by tbudgett
- VIP Deluxe Extendable Arch Top Straight by tbudgett
- AC Fan by ehaught58
- Eric's Dark Floor by lara9taylor
- Natural Bath Collection Floor - Ramses by lara9taylor
- Natural Bath Collection Wall - Ramses by lara9taylor
- Neutral Elegance- Wallpaper by escand
- Neutral Elegance- Wallpaper by escand
- Neutral Elegance- Wallpaper by escand
- Neutral Elegance- Wallpaper by escand
- Rusted Metal Grate by V1ND1CARE
- White Glass Tile by Neveah223
- WroughtWright, Inc. "Iron Age" Fence in White by Neveah223
- Tanned Slate with White Trim by Neveah223