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Spanish balconies for Sims3

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2010 at 9:05 PM
Once made a couple of sets of iron small balconies for Sims2, indispensable in most of spanish best looking houses.

Now I'm just playing Sims3 and I miss them, because of the floortile that is required to put in the façades surrounded by a fence, that causes a huge shadow and that seems extremely odd and out of proportion to me.

Until EA decides to make an expansion pack like Apartment Life or Mansions and Gardens, full of good ironwork and beautiful windows, try with this object, simply cloned from a curtain. It allows you to add more window decoration, like awnings, shutters, flowers or wall lights. You were able, not only to design single one tile balconies, but to link them in medium tiles to get the effect of a balconade, as it shown in the pic below.

The new mesh, entirely handcrafted by me, comes with four different textures and each one uses three pattern channels. I mixed my own patterns with EA made, specially to get a decent metal effect, in black, silver, painted old white and weathered brown. As you can see, you can make this way balconies also for your french, portuguese or italian sims

Description, price and where to find it

The balcony is FULLY RECOLORABLE with three patterns: Iron posts and rail, Ornament and Floor. The floor wear the blue channel, so the darker it is, the darker the whole object. I recommend also to paint in dark colours because of a not very noticeable seam effect that I have hard worked to delete in the last version, but is slighty arising with some colors and with bright sunlight.

It is located in Buy Mode, Decoration, Curtains, and it costs 215 simoleons.

Polygon Counts:
Vertex: 844
Facets: 744