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Santa's Sleigh for Sims3

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2010 at 2:32 PM
Updated: 25th Aug 2012 at 12:37 AM - Update
Merry Christmas!

Santa's Sleigh drawn by 6 reindeers is the Sims3 version of this sleigh. I didn't upload any object or special vehicle for a long time. So let me start for Sims3 with this Christmas object now.

For this object I converted the mesh I made in 2006 and changed the animal mesh.
Much fun with it for all who liked to play with my vehicles I made for Sims2 and those who will enjoy this one for the first time!

This sleigh was cloned of a base game item and has some changes of slots! It worked in my game with all expansions installed but it should work with all versions of the game. Due to the manipulations of the resources I recommand to backup your game before you use this object!

The new package is fixed for Pets-EP and the following EPs.

Statistics: Vertices: 19 737 (1410 per tile); Faces: 32 642 (2332 per tile)
Please, decide yourself whether you can use it or not. It works fine in my game!

You'll find this object in the collection of cars. It costs 700 S$.
Keep in mind that you'll hear the noise of a motor and the reindeers aren't animated! I also tried to switch off all lights, don't be surprised. Of course this special vehicle has its special colours. But you also can change the colour of wooden parts, the chains and the leather of the reins if you want.

Screenshots are made in "Winter Wonderland" made by Rflong7 at Customsims3.com (http://www.customsims3.com/smf/index.php?topic=3107.0).
Please have a look at my policy if you want to use the object in uploads!

Mesh handmade by hexameter, 2006/2010

Polygon Counts:
Statistics: Vertices: 19 737 (1410 per tile)
Faces: 32 642 (2332 per tile)

Additional Credits:
- TSR for the workshop
- Inge & Peter Jones for S3PE - Atavera for his RIG-wrappers
- EA for the object it is cloned of!