-Yummy- Ice Cream Flavor Tees, for 3 ages!

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2010 at 5:58 AM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2010 at 2:38 AM
During my marketing class last quarter we were talking about Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. I don't remember exactly how but somehow I got the idea to turn ice cream flavors into t-shirts for my sims. I rather like how they turned out, I hope you do too. I apologize if your favorite flavor isn't included, making them all and taking pictures of a zillion different flavors just isn't feasible. Hopefully you like a few that I picked.

Flavors included are Black Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Orange Sherbet, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Each flavor is available for adults, teens, and children. Ladies sizes only, sorry boys!


Additional Credits:
My awesome marketing teacher who INSISTED on always lecturing about food right before lunch...

Sephira and Freya had fun with this photo shoot. Sephira's favorite shirt is the mint chocolate chip one and Freya likes the strawberry and the strawberry banana ones both. She just likes pink. I personally go for the black cherry, both as a flavor and as a rockin' shirt.