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Dolphin's Magic Orchids (UPDATE 2010-12-12 for vampires)

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Uploaded: 11th Mar 2010 at 7:19 PM
Updated: 25th Oct 2011 at 12:39 AM - New Version
No update required for Generations or Pets

I've tested this and it works with patch 1.25.


If you played Sims2 and had the Open For Business EP, you no doubt remember the snapdragons. They recharged motives over time, except for Energy as I recall. I've created something like them, but more powerful and configurable.

Change Log
Version 1.04 2010-12-12: Added support for vampire thirst
Version 1.03 2010-12-11: Changed default for buffs to off, and minor bug fix.
Version 1.02 2010-12-10: Fixed an issue with motives becoming static and not increasing, introduced in 1.1
Version 1.01 2010-12-07: Updated for late night -- should work with current patches.
Version 0.8 2010-03-16: Initial post


These magic orchids allow you to configure which motives get enhanced:

By default all motives are enhanced, including the invisible "fatigue" motive that determines when you are to tired to workout. Also you can specify the speed at which your motives will refresh. "Normal" will take many hours to fill up drained motives, "Fastest" will fill up in a few minutes.

Additionally, the three buffs given by the incense holders can be given. These are: "Love Is In The Air", "Neuronic Synergy" and "Totally Mellow". These are also configurable... you can pick and choose which buffs you wish the Orchids to produce.

You can find the Orchids under Decor->Plants. See below:

Compatibility Note
I think this object will mostly work with the base game, but I'm not sure. I don't think the three incense holder buffs will work, because they depend on the EP, but I don't think there is anything that should prevent the motive components from working. Please leave me a note in the feedback section if you don't have WA to let me know how it goes!

If you don't get interactions...
How to install package files has changed with the Ambitions EP and the updates that have come out around the same time even if you didn't buy Ambitions. Follow these instructions:


If you install it properly, you will see something like this when you start:

If you don't see something like the above, do not ask me for help. You either don't have the framework installed correctly or you put the package file in the wrong place. Reread the instructions and if you still have problems ask for help in this forum, not here.

That said, if you have problems with the object and do see the screen similar to the one above, post a screenshot of it with your post for help. It might help by showing other mods you have that might conflict.

So in summary, if you see a screen shot like the above, ask for help here. If you don't, ask for help in this forum.

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