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Recoloured chimneys (EP-ready)

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Uploaded 23rd Jan 2005 at 2:32 AM · Updated 11th Oct 2005 at 7:03 PM by Numenor : Converted packages to EP-ready format

06 Mar 2005: All recolours are now EP-ready + Added "Old Bricks" recolour from Trashed Set

25 Jan 2005: As a joke (or a test), I've created this glass/plexiglass chimney. I really don't know if it can be actually used in a house... Not in normal house, anyway!

Finally! No more ugly red bricks for our chimneys!

It was hard to enable colour options for them, but it was worthwhile...

As a starter, I've converted 5 wallpapers to new colours for the chimneys: the worn wood (from the "Trashed" set) and 4 original wallpapers.

How to apply the new colour to the chimneys
Since the chimneys aren't buyable objects, you have to buy a fireplace as usual (choose one of the three most expensive ones), then, still in Buy mode, select the "Design Tool" icon and click, in turn, onto each section of the chimney (basement, base, several chimney sections and top) and apply the new colour to all of them.

IMPORTANT: if you move the fireplace after having recoloured it, the chimney will revert to its original colour. So, recolour the chimney only once you have put the fireplace in its definitive position.

Let me know if you experience any problems with this recolour!