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The Three Flamingos Inn::diner - bar - motel::

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2010 at 7:10 PM
Updated: 13th Jul 2010 at 2:25 AM
The Three Flamingos Inn

Requires World Adventures and Ambitions
Built with version 4.0.87
1 free CC used

The Three Flamingos Inn is a diner, bar and seedy motel: the preferred hangout of Twinbrook's population of bikers, hoons and adulterers

It features a kitchen/bar, diner chairs and tables, stall toilets, foostable, dance floor, large porches, car park for at least two cars (other cars/motorbikes are only for decor) service laundry with 2 clothes lines, two uber seedy cheap motel rooms with adjoining bathrooms, office with tv, home tattoo parlour and an inventor's bench. There is room out the back for some vegetable/fruit gardens.

This lot was specifically zoned residential because I wanted my Sims to be able to cook on the lot. It's suitable for Sims (without kids) who like to party, cater and have friends(!?) stay over. However, you could zone it a Community lot, and replace the stoves with bbqs and the cars with Winterhart's handy, Cars for Community Lots mod.

1 CC (not included):
EsmeraldaF's fabulous Jukebox Conversion

Free CC from Sims Store
Flamingo Neon Light

Other CC recommendations:
If you want the authentic bar look, go to Around the Sims 3 and check out their awesome bar set, complete with beer taps, bottles of liquor etc.

Optional tip for placement in the seedy side of Twinbrook:
After you've installed The Three Flamingos Inn lot locate the railway line road crossing near the Twinbrook Storage Corporation Warehouse buildings. Zoom in and delete/bulldoze the no visitors junkyard lot called "Juan's Pick n' Pull".

The lot should be empty, however you need to bulldoze the empty lot again so you can place 30x30 sized empty lot on the same spot. In the World Editor menu, click on the Lots tab and select a 30x30 lot. Press the alt key and carefully place this empty lot as close to the road (but not on the railway tracks) as possible. Go to the Select button and find The Three Flamingos Inn in the "Show Empty Houses" menu. Place the lot on the lot you've just created. Ensure that the ground level 3 Flamingos sign (in the car park) is on the street side.

30x30 lot
178,636 furnished
58,362 unfurnished


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 178,636

Additional Credits:
the wonderful EsmeraldaF